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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Power of Language

Well, this picture will just have to do.

I tried to post a video I shot of our grand daughter Abby when she was just six weeks old. Instead, this is a picture of her trying very, very hard to talk.

She was then and remains now, at just one year old, a very expressive child (must be genetic, ya think?). Her actual language skills, while age appropriate, don't come anywhere near her aptitude for personality and expression.
Abby and her six year old sister, Mackie were here for what Mackie excitedly describes as "a double Nana sleep over." That means she got to sleep over two nights in a row at Nana and Grammy's house.

Woo hoo!

Their parents moved this weekend, and, as we all know, move is a four-letter word. It may well be the most obscene of all four-letter words.

So, "the grandmothers" did what they could, God knows. We took both girls for the week end so their parents could have some semblance of order in the midst of chaos.

Complicating the matter is that, earlier this week, Abby picked up a stomach virus at Day Care. She passed it on to her mother. Who passed it on to Mackie. Who passed it on to her father. They've all been stricken with vomiting and diarrhea which stopped just the other day.

We've taken to calling Abby, "Typhoid Mary."

Gallows humor. It's the only way to cope in these situations.

To make matters worse, Mackie has developed MRSA - Meth Resistant Staphlococcys Aureus. It's been awful for her, poor kid.

We took her to the doctor on Saturday, who asked her to describe what was wrong.

In her best pouty voice, Mackie said, "Well, I have diarrhea and I have Mersula."

The doctor looked at her and said, "Well, you may be sick but I don't think you could possibly be any cuter."

For whatever medical skills she might possess, the doctor is, without a doubt, a fine judge of character.

It was Abby, however, whose language skills completely impressed. Mind you, she turned a year old on August 2nd. And, of course, I am completely stupid with love over these children.

But, Ms. Abby. . . well, she's quite something.

She came for her visit with three words in her portfolio:



And, "AhhhAHHHHH"

It sounds as if she's saying "Up." (Ahhhh . . .. UUUUPPPP). At least, that's what I first thought. Then she said it while I was holding her when she was, well, already "up."

I have come to understand that "AhhhAHHHH" is Abby's way of saying, "Up." AND: "See." "Look." "Light." "Bottle." "That." And, "Doggie."

But, about 12 hours before she left, she said something that absolutely melted my heart.

She had taken out a book, "Good night, Moon," for me to read.

"AhhhAHHHHHH, " she said.

Clearly, "AhhhAHHHH," meant, "Read this book."

And then she said, "AhhhAHHHHH, Nana."

"Nana," she said, clear as a bell.

"Nana," she said, forming the "n" by placing her tongue between her lips.


There is only one meaning to that word.

And, Abby said it.


It sure sounded like "Love" to me.

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