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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Save the drama for your mama

I am not an official spokesperson for Bishop Gene Robinson - or any other person, for that matter. As his friend of 20 plus years and even more importantly, as a fellow-Christian, I feel compelled to speak.

For almost a week, rumors have been circulating that Bishop Gene is in varying critical states of emotional and spiritual distress or trouble; that the Communique from the Primates in Dar es Salaam, the subsequent statements from our Presiding Bishop and Primate, and the call for him to resign from the director of AAC (as if that would really have any impact on any intelligent human being) have been so grievous unto his soul that he has collapsed into utter and complete despair; that he is in Rehab.

Here's the truth, if any of the uber-Christians who have been circulating this rumor can stand it:

Bishop Gene has been on mid-Winter vacation with his beloved partner, Mark and their family, as they do every year this time.

I understand many people in New Hampshire (like many people in the Northern most states) if they can, like to head toward warmer climes in the mid-winter, typically sometime after the "January thaw" and before the first few hints of the coming of Spring.

And so, apparently, does Bishop Gene and his family.

Yup, that's it. No immobilizing, incapacitating despair.

No wandering aimlessly in the streets in a thread-bare coat on a cold and snowy night, contemplating his resignation and subsequent suicide.

Just life as usual in the Anglican Diaspora - continuing to work and witness for justice, compassion, reconciliation and leadership. But first, a little time to recharge the batteries with his family.

Sorry to spoil the drama.


Bill said...

Come to think of it, I was down in Puerto Rico exactly this time last year. I was visiting my on-again, off-again boy friend. I guess I just didn't realize how depressed I was snorkelng around the reefs and touring "Old Town" San Juan. I must have been on the verge of a breakdown myself. I'm glad that I came right back to the snow and ice of New Jersey and a return to sanity.
Oh damn, I just used New Jersey and Sanity in the same sentence? Sorry about that.

Scott K said...

As one who spends wayyy too much time on conservative Anglican blogs, I can tell you that I had not heard a single inkling of this rumor until you posted it to the HOB/D list, where, presumably, hundreds of others were exposed to it for the first time. So I think your protest is counterproductive, because now I can't help wondering "what is she so upset about?... maybe there is something going on here..."

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Scott K -

David Virtue has a "report" on it and my email box is stuffed with questions from people in conservative diocese. The rumor mill has been working overtime.

Lisa said...

My dear, you know I'm gonna save your graphic here for use in some future and highly appropriate bloggery ... don't you? {vbg}

P.S. Glad to see (upstream) what's had Our Gene so busy.

Scott K said...

Okay, Elizabeth, I'll take your word for it. As voraciously as I read the conservative blogs, Virtue is one even I stay away from :) Be assured that his credibility is low even with most of our crowd.