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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dave Walker has done it again!

From Dave Walker's Cartoon Church

July 18th, 2007
Chelmsford ordination protest

Dave writes: "It seems like it is a little while since I had a go at ‘Reform’, so I think I’ll do so again today. Reform, if you remember, are the Anglicans who don’t like women or gay people leading things."

"One of their members has got into a bit of a kerfuffle locally here in the Diocese of Chelmsford by agreeing to be ordained by the Bishop but not agreeing to receive communion from him because of the Bishop’s views on gay people."

"In the event he was not ordained - the story is here, a statement by the Vicar of his parish is here, and a parish magazine article ‘Why I wrote to the Bishop asking for another Bishop’ is here".

"The cartoon was inspired by this rather splendid line from the letter of protest written to the Bishop:

'we will not go along with the extra and non-essential aspects of the day.'"

"In addition there were plans for a scruffy dress protest “I shall not robe up” and a ‘non-co-operation in photographs’ protest, “Richard will respectfully decline to be photographed with you if asked", which I assume meant that silly faces were to be pulled if any covert attempts were made by the diocesan photographers."

"If you ask me (and many wouldn’t) they are just trying to be difficult. If they had a real problem with the Bishop they wouldn’t attend the ordination at all."

"I quite like the idea of creative protests though. If anyone else has suggestions for minor ways to protest in church without causing too much of a fuss then please leave them in the comments."

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Muthah+ said...

I have never quite understood this whole thing about "being in communion" or in "impaired communion". There is only one Communion and that is with our Lord. That we do it together says that we are part of the Body of Christ.

Ex opere operato says that the holiness of the minister of the sacrament is not necessary to secure the holiness of the sacrament. This kind of protest does not say anything except "I want to pick up my marbles and go home." It does not recognize the sacred quality of the presence of Christ in the sacrament.

There could be much more fun and appropriate protests against a bishop who does not think the same as the ordinand. One could chose not to be ordained in a church that he thought apostate--obviously the CoE has not gained the right's appellation yet. The ordinand could ask to have his candidacy translated to the Church of Nigeria and spend his ministry in the depths of that nation.

But if he wants to be in the CoE then he must be willing to receive communion from his bishop. It is just one of the things wet-behind-the-ears-ordinands must do. You don't get to start at the top in Church. You don't get to order your bishop around from the start. It is just plain bad manners.

MadPriest said...

MadPriest suggests not blowing your nose when you've got a cold or hayfever, and just letting the snot dribble down your chin and onto the floor.
It might work.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...


William Alexander said...

Hey, first time posting, long time reader (well, for a week or so).
I wonder how much this ordainand fellow is being used by his Vicar to generate conflict.
However, if I'm reading this correctly it seems that some members of the rightist camp are no longer satisfied with breaking ranks with gay clergy, but have progressed to shunning straight clergy who disagree with them on the issue of sexuality.

Bill said...

I wouldn't worry too much about who says what or who backs whom. The percentage of people who speak out or write about such things is fairly small. We need to understand how to read our audience. If at the end of a service, the people are lined up at the door to shake hands with and say a few words to the rector, everything is fine. If on the other hand everybody is out the door before the dismissal prayer and running for their cars, something is definitely wrong. Also pay attention to the collections plate. If there is one place where any group will vote and vote quickly, it is in the collection plate.

The average person doesn’t get involved with blogs and forums. They may watch the TV or read the news, but that’s about it. The only folks you find here are those keenly interested in the goings on of the church. Watch the nightly news, and tell me how many stories concern the church. I’ll tell you - not many. We as a concerned and active group should not start believing that the world is hanging on our every word. It just ain’t so.