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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Today is a good day for equality


Today is the day of the Very Big Vote on Marriage Equality in Delaware.

We're told the vote will be taken 'round about 2:30 PM.  Today.

We've been told to expect that the vote will be close. Very. Close. 

One of the votes that WON'T be for Marriage Equality will be from my own District. #19. 

Senator Brian Pettyjohn. 

We've been corresponding quite a bit these past few weeks, Sen. Pettyjohn and I. 

Senator Pettyjohn tells me that he won't be voting for HB75 - also known as The Civil Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom Act - because.......well, because of all of the usual irrational, illogical reasons people oppose marriage equality. 

So, I wrote him a letter.....well, actually, I've written him several letters. 

I don't think for a microsecond that he's read any of them. That's not why I write them and spend the postage on them. 

I don't think the content of our letters are what's important.  What's really important is THAT we write letters and send them off to our legislators.

And, make phone calls.

And now, the day has come for The Vote. Today. At 2:30. PM.

I would be so appreciative if, of your mercy and kindness and belief in justice, you would send some "arrow prayers" this way today. 

Or, white light. Or, positive energy. Or, good vibes. Or, special chants. Or meditations. Or, however it is that you beseech the universe to press forward ever so slightly so as to bend the arc of history a little more toward justice. 

Meanwhile, you can read my letter to Sen. Pettyjohn which is below. Because, you know, he won't. 

He also won't vote for HB75.

That's okay, I suppose.  Fair is fair. I didn't vote for him, either. 

And, won't in the future. 

And, will work hard to see that no one else does, either.

How could anyone vote for someone who isn't on the right side of history?

Especially when today is such a good day for equality?


Dear Sen. Pettyjohn,

HB75 is not about God or the Bible. If that were so, we would be talking about polygamy which is evident throughout Christian scripture. It is about allowing law abiding citizens of this country the civil rights guaranteed to them by the constitution.  

HB75 is about upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, which, you may remember, is your job.  You may also recall that when you were sworn into office, you placed your hand on the bible and swore to uphold the constitution. You did not put your hand on the constitution and swear to uphold the bible.

HB75 is not about procreation. If that were so, we would be advocating for fertility testing as a requirement to a marriage license.

HB75 is not about defending "traditional marriage". If that were a concern, we would be advocating for laws to make divorce illegal.

HB75 is not about "changing the traditional definition of marriage".  For centuries, "traditional marriage" was a defined as a contract between two men concerning the ownership of a woman. The civil right of marriage is now a legal contract between two people which is enjoyed by heterosexual law abiding citizens as well as heterosexual convicted felons, those heterosexuals who are imprisoned as well as those who are death-row inmates or are serving life sentences. 

HB75 is about expanding the definition of marriage to include a demographic of people who have been perniciously and consistently excluded from this civil right, in the same way that people of different races were prevented from being married. 

HB75 is not about the religious rite of marriage. Indeed, HB75 makes it abundantly clear that no religious or civic leader will be coerced or forced to preside at a marriage which compromises his or her sense of ethics - even though that has always been the case.

As your constituent, I'm writing to urge you to support marriage for same-sex couples by supporting HB75, the Civil Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom Act. All loving couples should have the freedom to protect their families in the state that they call home, and marriage is the only way to ensure that.

A strong majority of Delawareans are ready to enact marriage equality, and it's time for our state to end discrimination against same-sex couples and their families by passing a marriage bill in 2013.

Please be on the right side of history and vote to support HB75.

Thank you.  

UPDATE:  As predicted, it was close (12-9), but WE WON!!!! The bill was immediately signed by Governor Markel who said to LGBT leaders and allies, "I'm not going to make you wait a minute longer for this."

Delaware is the 11th State with Marriage Equality.  

I also want to note that all six women who are Senators voted FOR Marriage Equality.  I swear, if more women were in the Houses of Legislature and Bishops, this would NOT be an issue. 

Yes indeed, today really was a GREAT day for equality.


John F Copeland said...


8thday said...

Sending good mojo from New York.

Terri said...

Prayers continue.

JCF said...

So very well-said, Elizabeth. Prayers for Delaware!

IT said...

And Delaware makes 11!!!!

OCborn said...

What a wonderful day for Delaware, even those in conservative LSD.

OCborn said...

Sending West Coast blessings and alleluias! What a great day for Delaware, even those who live in LSD!

-Mark W.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and vibes and energy. Delaware is the 11th state for Marriage Equality and the chances are Very Good that we'll have 12 by June when The Supremes decide on DOMA and Prop 8.

So, don't stop praying. Not just yet. Just do it while you celebrate with us.

Sextant said...

Congratulations to Delaware, and hopefully the Federal law will change and recognize marriage simply as marriage, a right to all human beings.

Excellent letter BTW.

it's margaret said..., are you setting a date yet?!!!

Much love to you, dear sister. I am so very happy that Delaware has done the right, righteous, and sane thing!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

sextant. thanks. hopefully, the letter can serve as a template for others in other states who are moving toward full marriage equality.

DOMA, I think, will fall but I think this court will have some sort of rider that honors "states rights". Prop 8? That will be overturned.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

July 1. We're ordering the bridal veils now. Just kidding. But, the paper work will be done and we'll be married on July 1. Woo hoo.

Sextant said...

Elizabeth, July 1! Congratulations and may you have many years of wedded bliss together.

Getting married is the best thing I ever done. I am very happy that you can do so now.

Anonymous said...

"I also want to note that all six women who are Senators voted FOR Marriage Equality. I swear, if more women were in the Houses of Legislature and Bishops, this would NOT be an issue."

Darn that election thing: why can't we have sex quota representatives?

No need to opine long on female clergy here. Needless to say, if one accepts the demonic ideas of priestesses and female bishops, swallowing "same sex marriage" is no big deal.

Hopefully the voters of Delaware will do as did the voters of California and use direct democracy to end this "same sex marriage" farce.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Michael - The only "demonic idea" about women who are priests is the one in your brain.

And, well, we'll just see what the Supremes think about the "direct democracy" of Prop 8 where a small group of well-funded bigots fueled the fans of hatred and fear and ignorance and "bought" the vote in CA. That's not "direct democracy". That's Nazism. And, like all injustices, it will be overturned by the highest court in the land. You know. Like slavery. Which, by the way, is how democracy works.

I'm sure Jesus loves you very much, Michael. Which is why He keeps inspiring you to come here and try and warm up that stone cold heart you have.

Sextant said...

Oh demonic indeed, there is absolutely no evidence of "proper" male priests and bishops having demonic ideas.

Again Elizabeth, congratulations.

Marthe said...

What? No veils? Maybe just a couple of wicked frilly garters to fling in the general direction of the fossils fulminating in the foyer or herstory?
Ah, well, wouldn't want anyone to think you were just emulating some faulty contractual ritual between "owners" of the procreative franchise ...

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks, sextant.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Marthe - Nope, and no crawling to the altar on our knees to be "accepted". Just a dignified walk into City Hall, shoulders back, heads held high. Sign a few papers. Done.

JCF said...

Good Lord, speaking of farce: xxMichael sinks further and further into it every time, doesn't he? Well, let's leave him to his sack-cloth and ashes (w/ our prayers)...

...and onto the GOOD News! TBTG for equality in Delaware!!! Alleluia! :-D

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

JCF - I think the most ironic thing about XXMichael is the xx he places before his name. Like "Kiss-Kiss" and then he spews out such hatred. He's a frequent contributor to SFiF - a venue where his vitriol finds a much more appreciative audience.

And, despite all his theological and socio-political ugliness - or, perhaps, because of it (I think it really helps our cause for everyone to see that the 'other side' has no logical argument, just anger and hate) - Marriage Equality won the day in DE. Onto MN and NJ and then the SCOTUS ruling in June which will overturn DOMA and uphold the overturn of Prop 8 and we'll get CA back in our column of wins.

Glory, glory Hallelujah! Our God is marching on!