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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On Being Irrelevant

I'm hearing that the last plenary meting of the Panel of Reference, which was meant to last three days, finished after only six hours.

Apparently, once you come face to face with the reality of your own irrelevance, the best thing to do is pack your bags and go home.

(931) 08-May-2007 - Panel of Reference Review of Work - ACO

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference met in the offices of the Anglican Communion Secretariat during the week beginning 30 April 2007.

In its meeting, it reviewed its work so far and discussed how best to follow up the work that had already been undertaken.

It has currently completed outstanding work on all the references made to it by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Panel also reviewed the Report which the Chairman, the Most Rev' d Dr Peter Carnley AO, had made to the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam in February, and authorised him to release an updated version.

The Panel also set dates for future meetings in late 2007 and in 2008.

Review of the Work of The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference can be found

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