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Saturday, May 12, 2007

There, is everybody happy now?

From Episcope
New from GTS
Clarification of the status of Mr. James McGreevey as a student at GTS

James McGreevey, after more careful study of the guidelines for ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, has decided to enter GTS as a full-time non-degree student rather than as student in the Seminary's Master of Divinity program. His request for this change has been accepted by Dean Ewing. Having previously met General’s admissions requirements, including evaluations by a committee composed of faculty members, several students and the Director of Admissions, Mr. McGreevey will begin classes in September.


Share Cropper said...

I somehow wish I could have done that - even as a degree student without seeking ordination. I think I could have learned a lot more and been able to think more clearly without the pressure of trying to find a diocese to ordain me and meet the nitty requirements of the COM and all that stuff. I pray for him that he may learn more about himself and more about seeking God through the Christ.

Lauren Gough said...

Used to be that the seminary or monestary was the place to go when one wanted to re-evaluate one's life. There is no time more appropriate for such a "time out" than when one comes out as a mature person. So much of one's life changes and the frustration of all those closeted years stick in front of one's face with a certain degree of heaviness. I laud his effort to "get right" with himself, society and his God in this time "away" (if anyone can ever be "away" in NYC).

Cecilia said...

A friend of mine made McGreevy's initial error... and suffered for it, unable to get into the process in her home diocese. I do think the policy makes sense... but oh my, what wheel spinning by the right.

Pax, C.

Bill said...

It’s very upsetting that the media thinks they have a right to report on this and that society in general thinks they have a right to know some of the most personal thoughts and aspirations of a man or woman. If a person’s path to God is not sacrosanct by the press and the public I don’t know what is. Whatever Jim has decided to do should be between himself, the school, a committee if required, and God. This is like putting a wire-tap in the confessional. This whole thing comes of bits and pieces, of private conversations, leaked to the media, miss-quoted and published.

We’re all turning into busy-bodies and rumormongers.

If we want to talk about something that was published and by him, we could discuss his book. I understand just about everything he did but the part that didn’t sit so well, was having an affair while his wife was in the hospital with a difficult pregnancy. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight or from another planet, there are some things you just don’t do.

Wayne said...

Indeed, Cecelia, I've rarely seen the [unmentionable, unlinkable as I don't wish to sully this commentary, but you-know-who-I-mean] type of response to McGreevey's plans I've witnessed "over there." Those people went absolutely ballistic when the news first broke.

I agree with Lauren above -- I don't know the man, the word "hubristic" often comes to mind when I think of him, but I will certainly get out of God's way and allow for the possibility of grace in his life.

And GTS can be a wonderful place -- yes, the Close is in some ways "away" in NYC, an oasis of calm, and Evensong...sigh...well, Anglican worship just doesn't get any better.