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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mascara alert! A Star is Born!

Well, the grand debut has come and gone and I didn't even feel the earth move under my feet. Neither did the sky (nor the Anglican Communion) come tumbling down.

NOT THAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN made its world debut at 3 PM today at the Breckenridge Film Festival at the Speakeasy Theater in Colorado.

To quote from the website:

"This documentary explores queer Christians struggle for acceptance in the Episcopal Church, the schism their activism threatens to bring to worldwide Anglicanism, and the ways in which activists such as these shape our personal liberties at the highest institutional levels."

"While the film celebrates the achievements made by queer Anglicans as they transform an oppressive Christian tradition into a modern force of liberation, it doesn't excuse the prejudices and abuses of organized religion."

"On the contrary, the film's atheist director offers a skeptical critique of religion, particularly in an era when the word faith is often code for nationalism, homophobia, and sundry other forms of oppression."

"The film's crisscrossing interviews bring together major players in the Anglican sexuality debate, each representing a different place on the spectrum of sexuality, religion, and politics: Louie Crew, the creator of Integrity, the first Anglican LGBT rights organization, founded in 1974; Gene Robinson,the world's first openly gay bishop; John S. Spong, apro-gay bishop with agnostic, heretical views; and David Virtue, Anglicanism's most influential antigay spokesperson."

"Interspersed throughout the film are the diverse voices of Episcopalians across America whom Louie Crew has anonymously telephoned, giving us a spontaneous picture of how average parishioners perceive the film's issues of sexual inclusivity."

"Featuring comments from Ernest Clay, Crew's African-American husband of thirty-two years, and analysis of how this debate effects gay Anglicans in Africa, the film offers a far-reaching critique of how homophobia continues to operate in multiple cultural contexts."

Producer: Andrew Grossman

Director: Andrew Grossman

Cast: Louie Crew, V. Gene Robinson, John S. Spong

Running time: 80 minutes

Read a review of the film here.

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