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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anglican Security Alert Reduced to Code Green

Well, the rest of the Anglican Communion may have been at war for all we knew.

There may have been bishops and priests with Kevlar vests and security guards with guns at the closing Eucharist in Ft. Worth as they closed the door and walked away from The Episcopal Church.

But from 10:30 AM on Saturday until 7 PM on Sunday night, we were just Nana and Grammy, two women who are so completely in love with our 6 year old granddaughter MacKenna Jane and her 16 month old sister, Abigayle Sophie, about whom we are so completely and absolutely stupid and giddy with love that we didn't care what else was going on in the church while we were with them.

We ate supper at Friendly's on Saturday night where Abby fed her Nana some of her Macaroni and Cheese (see picture above). We made four loaves of bread - banana, cranberry nut and two cinnamon swirl - for the Bread of Life Stewardship Campaign today.

We also made chocolate chip cookies and cut out angel sugar cookies and decorated them with chocolate icing (MacKenna and her mother's favorite) with rainbow sprinkles (AKA "jimmies" if you're from New England).

We made a 'movie bed' (which includes filling a muffin tin with a variety of treats like cheese and pretzels and pop corn and M&M's) and watched Shreck the Third and giggled and squirmed and laughed until our sides hurt.

We made chicken fingers and rice and corn for supper tonight and had one of our cookies and home made ice cream for dessert.

Oh, and we went to church this morning and flirted with everyone and sang and clapped our hands and danced.

You know. We were otherwise the reason that Ft. Worth, San Joaquin and Pittsburgh are leaving The Episcopal Church, and Jack Leo Iker had to wear a Kevlar vest and be protected by armed guards at Eucharist.

The girls just left to go home with their parents. The house is awfully quiet tonight.

You can sleep well tonight. The Anglican Communion is safe again.

Code Green.

Someone tell the Bullies on Viagra that they can put away the guns now. The babies are back home with their parents, and their grandmothers are absolutely, positively, without any doubt too exhausted to be a threat to anyone - even themselves.


Desert Kat said...

Just wanted to say that you have a lovely family and you are all very, very blessed.

And you should continue to raise the security alert of TEC as often as you like.

Sister Mary Hasta said...

Oh, for Pete's sake! (Or maybe I should say Katharine's?)

Kevlar?! Armed guards?! Have these damnfools ever met Episcopalians? Our idea of a death-dealing blow is serving you the cheap gin!

Also, there was appropriate awwing over the fotos of the grandbabies here in my office.

lj said...

Awww. So sweet. And so ... family values!

When will the other guys get this? I'm not holding my breath.

Manny Publius said...

Hmm..I think the level might slip to the high side of blue but I don't see green anywhere in TEC future. There are too many emotions and too many egos tied up in all of this. Waiting for the next round is not generally when someone would drop their guard.

The act of faith and display of courage is in the living of the good life regardless of the response to that.

Carry on......and on and on and on!