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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making hay while the oil spills

I've been posting this video everywhere.

I keep hoping the simple idea these two 'good ole boys' have about cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf Coast will catch the imagination of someone - anyone - at BP or the federal government or just local folk.

It's brilliant.

Full stop.

I only wish I could embed it here. Fortunately, it's only one click away.

G'won. Click here.

Then, start spreading the word.


it's margaret said...

I love 'em. Jest love 'em. Let 'em loose with their haey. Let 'em loose.

my wv: roonne
Let 'em roonne.

Riley said...

Gotta love those clever, resourceful country boys. There isn't much they can't come up with. Usually, it's the 'simple' ideas that make for the best solution. It certainly beats anything the big shots have come up with. I have no doubt these guys will get'er done.

Tracie H said...

Well, yes, this will help clean up the oil that has spewed out, but that leak needs to be stopped. As in weeks ago.


It's so heartbreaking.

Tracie H said...

PS: I hope it's ok for me to suggest this, but I hope people know they can donate their hair (when they go for a haircut) to the Gulf cleanup efforts. Every little bit helps. I had my hair cut very short yesterday and donated all the hair I had cut. Ask your stylist for more information on that.

Mary-Cauliflower said...

My mom and dad live on the Florida side of the Gulf. Both parents - but especially my mom - take an active interest in the seabirds that live and move and have their being in that environment. She was very heartened by the hay story. And I'm planning to get my next haircut from a salon that donates its clippings to Gulf cleanup - thanks Tracie H.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Cut hair is also a brilliant idea. Hair and Hay ought to do it.