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Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet the Presidents

These people are all Presidents (or spouses of Presidents) of Universities, Colleges and Seminaries.

They are intelligent, well educated, passionate, successful, deeply committed people, dedicated to educating others and making a difference in the world.

Oh, and they are all LGBT.

In fact, they are part of a reported number of 25 LGBT people who are Presidents of Colleges, Universities and Seminaries.

The woman sitting in the back row, the first one on your left, is the Very Rev'd Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, President and Dean of The Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA, where, in a few days more than a month from now, I will be Proctor Fellow. But, who's excited about either of those things?

Dr. Ragsdale is quoted as saying:
"In my community, we think and talk a lot about what God thinks. We believe that God intentionally created all this amazing and beautiful diversity. God likes it and God loves you. Our job is to make sure that every beloved child of God has the opportunity fully to develop and exercise every gift God gave them."
Can I get an "Amen"?

I know it's the Season of Advent, and not the Season of The Epiphany, but I must say that to these eyes, there can be no better manifestation of the power of God than the testimonies in this video.

It's like Christmas has come early.

Okay, so it's Christmas and The Epiphany and Easter, all rolled into one.

Makes my eyes sweat.

Did someone just say "Repeal DADT"?

Why yes. Yes we should.

For this and a hundred different reasons. And, tomorrow, please God, we will.

Did someone just say, "Marriage Equality"?

Well, DUH!

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nitpicker said...

Amen, Elizabeth!

I know it took some courage for Boards of Trustees to make some of these appointments. It is one thing to believe that sexual orientation should not play a part in the decision, but it took some moral fiber of those men and women to follow through, because they risked turning off some less liberated "heavy hitters" among the donors.

I say again, AMEN!