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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

EWC: An Open Letter of Solidarity and Call to Justice

Trayvon Martin's Family


The Episcopal Women's Caucus, a justice organization dedicated to the Gospel values of equality and liberation and committed to the incarnation of God’s unconditional love, stands in solidarity with the family and friends of Trayvon Martin as together we grieve his senseless murder and demand answers and justice.

As women, we understand what it means to be targets of bigotry and bias. We also know what it is like to walk down a street in our own neighborhood and fear for our safety. As mothers and grandmothers, we know the challenges of raising a child in today's world, especially the risk of being judged and profiled for a particular style of clothing.

Trayvon's tragic death calls us all to recommit ourselves to the dismantling of racism and all forms of oppression. Our nation, neighborhoods and religious communities have been given a wake up call about the lethal combination of prejudice, violence and the appalling lack of gun control and vigilantism which has led to a rise in violent shootings and murder.

As Christians gather to observe Holy Week and remember the last days of the life of Jesus and the consequences of power unchecked by prophetic witness, it is an especially appropriate time to consider the effects of violence and mob mentality.

We call on all Episcopalians and all people of faith to continue to raise our voices in protest and demand answers so that justice might be served. In the timeless words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Let us heed the words of the Prophet Micah (6:8). Perhaps, if each one of us walked more humbly, more young men of color, women from all walks of life and all targeted minorities would be able to walk freely, without fear of sexual assault, violence or murder. And, more of God's justice and mercy would be done.

The Episcopal Women’s Caucus
Advocating for women since 1971, theologically, spiritually and politically.

Episcopal Women's Caucus
1103 Magnolia St.
South Pasadena, CA 91030

the Rev'd Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton, Convener
motherkaeton at gmail dot com

Media Contact: Karen D. Bota
KDBota at aol dot com


David@Montreal said...

Thank you ECW
and now that you have led the way, perhaps the rest of the visible Church might speak to this and the issues and hard realities it represents.
Just a thought Bishops- but this could be a minstering moment, a prophetic opportunity to engage people.
Thank you Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

This has been weighing heavily on my heart and the hearts of so many people. I am so grateful for a wonderfully supportive board who, as soon as I mentioned it, were right there in agreement.

I hope I've started a trend in TEC and other faith communities.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Dr. Mr (or Ms.) "I believe you Zimmerman". You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I will post it here if you identify yourself.