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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things that make you go hmmmm

I am fascinated - absolutely fascinated - by the November 7th election, especially some of the "victory" speeches being made by many of those who won.

Those Republicans who won were considered "moderate," with the man on the far right, Rick Santorum, getting a proper "thumpin' ."

Those Democrats who lost (except for the new speaker of the House) were considered "liberal" or "fringe liberal."

South Dakota overturned an amendment that was the first real threat to reproductive rights and Arizona defeated the proposed amendment to "Defend Marriage."

For the first time in our history, there is a woman as Speaker of the House - and she ain't afraid to talk, either.

Indeed, it was reportedly her suggestion to the President, in response to his query about what would demonstrate his sincere desire to work together, responded, "Well, you could start by getting rid of Rumsfeld." And, he did!

Finally, everyone who did win - almost to a person, Republican and Democrat alike - is claiming that "the center held."

Any of this sound even vaguely familiar?

I think it was Arsinio Hall who coined the phrase, "Things that make you go 'hmmmm' . . ."


Bateau Master said...

Continuing in the hmmmmmmmmmm process:

How did Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, etc. have such flawless close elections? Do the evil ones no longer control Diebold? Did law-enforce refuse to intimate minority groups? Did election officals forget to short blue-leaning areas on the number of voting machines? Where are the protests?

Or could it be, that because of who won, there are no protests or, more likely, the reported offenses in 2000/2002/2004 weren't anything but imagination whipped by politicos???

Elizabeth Kaeton said...


David Huff said...

Don't sweat it, that first post is just a drive-by troll from some neo-con...

Allie said...

As a voter in Pa, while quite glad that Santorum is gone, question if a anti-choice anti GLBT marriage, senator will be much better.

While it is better a center is in office than the conervative government lacking in checks and balances we have had for the past few years, I wonder what the center has that I really want.

I guess its peace for now (hopefull)


Bateau Master said...

NeoCon & Troll ...... such insight and so wrong! I prefer to be called a daily reader of Rev. Keaton’s thoughts (okay I often forget on Thursdays …. but nearly daily).

Mine was a comment on attitudinal expression and apparent maturity levels we get with various outcomes.
• If the GOP takes the majority, we get tinfoilers talking about stolen elections and fixed electronic voting machines. Loosing candidates head to court, looking to reverse the outcome.
• Now the Democrats figured out a winning formula and all the problems with the voting machines are forgotten and the people have spoken. Loosing candidates conceded in a timely manner without requesting the recounts possible to them.
• So, the questions are:
o Were 2000, 2002, & 2004 expressions of the people?
o Will the conspiracy fans of the left quit filling blogs and bulletin boards with theories of stolen elections?
o If Iraq remains an issue in 2008, will the center shift further to the Democratic left?
o If Iraq is lessened as an issue in 2008, will voters reward the new centered team or return to the right-center Republicans?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

And, people over at SFiF wonder why there's so little traffic at sites like mine and Susan Russell's.

You wild and crazy kids over at SFiF just like to talk to yourselves.


Quite alot, actually.

I don't know how y'all find the time.