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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Innocent until proven guilty"

January 03, 2007
Pastor investigated for misusing funds

Armstrong placed on leave, can't wear habit


A prominent local pastor has been barred from his parish while his diocese investigates him for misusing church funds.

The Rev. Donald Armstrong, rector for Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, was placed on 90-day paid administrative leave last week by Bishop Robert O’Neill, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. He’ll be unable to step on church property or wear his habit during that time, and “will not exercise any functions or pastoral responsibilities as a priest,” according to a diocesan release. Armstrong has been with the church for 19 years.

Grace has been the subject of a nine-month financial investigation by the diocese, according to officials at the church. The diocese cautions the investigation is ongoing: Armstrong has been cooperative, according to O’Neill, and he is still presumed to be innocent.

“This is clearly a very difficult time for all who are affected by this investigation,” O’Neill said. Armstrong could not be reached for comment.

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Don Armstrong is also Director of the Anglican Communion Institute

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