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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Louie Crew offers a first look at today's consecration

Here's Louie with our Presiding Bishop Katharine at NJPAC after today's most amazing service.

He has graciously sent around this note, which offers us a first look at today's consecration.

I'm quite certain that there will be more pictures as well as the Presiding Bishop's sermon on our diocesan website before too long. I'll direct you there as soon as I read the announcement.

BTW, I have been told that the "official" count was over 3,000 people in attendance.

You may now join the heavenly hosts in the post modern chant, "Go head, be goin'".

At you may
view the pictures which I took at the consecration today.

As you will quickly discover, I am not a professional photographer.
Nevertheless, I hope they capture some of the splendor and joy that we

Share these freely with anyone who would like to see them.

Clerk of the Vestry of Grace Church

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revsusan said...

Blessings the Diocese of Newark, its new bishop and your new beginnings of mission and ministry together!