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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scenes from a Consecration

Please do enjoy these photos taken by Steve Boston and Nina Nicholson of the Ordination and Consecration of Mark Beckwith as the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese of Newark.

The High Altar at NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) in Newark. Isn't that Red Rose, Carnation and Heather Cross simply stunning?

The changing of the guard. Bishop Croneberger hands off the staff to newly ordained Bishop Beckwith.

More than 3,000 people attended the Service of Ordination and Consecration.

(Oh, yes, hadn't you heard? The Episcopal Church is dying, and the Diocese of Newark is going right down the hopper. These headlines brought to you by Chicken Little).

Tracey Lind, Dean of the Cathedral in Cleveland, OH and dear friend of +Mark, was one of the concelebrants of the Eucharist. I am so proud to call Tracey my good friend as well.

Keep your eye on Tracey. The solid money is that she will be the first ordained woman who also just happens to be lesbian to be elected a bishop.

I can't think of better company for +Gene in the House of Bishops.

More importantly, I can't imagine a more qualified person to be Bishop.

Note to MadPriest: I'm wearing a red suede coat, darling, with red fringes. The word had gone forth from the Office of the Bishop that all in attendance were to wear the color red.

I had thought of wearing my red zip-up leather jacket, but it looks a bit too, well, 'randy' I think is the word. My beloved Ms. Conroy, my partner of 30+ years, said that this red coat made me look a bit more like an 'crunchy-granola' type priest, with just a bit of an 'edge' to cause a stir.

I wore it, of course, thinking of you and basking in the wonder of your completely unearned and undeserved love for me.

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