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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Worst Christian Album Cover Contest

Okay, so I have some rather strange but delightful and wonderful friends who occasionally send me some very weird things via email.

Why do they do this?

Well, because they know me well and love me still and know what it is that will make me laugh - and, somehow, the exact moment I really need a good laugh.

And, when I got this today, I very much needed a good laugh.

And, I did.


Out loud.

Very loud.

The following are actual Album Covers from Christian Records. Now, some of you children, like, for example, MADPRIEST, may not know what an "album" is, exactly.

If you are too young to know, I don't want to know about it.

Just "google" it on Wikepedia, or something, because otherwise, I'll begin to feel old and then I'll really need another good laugh.

Anyway . . . these are so godawful I simply couldn't decide which one was worse.

They ALL made me laugh hysterically.

So, I've decided to have a little contest.

Send in your vote for the WORST CHRISTIAN ALBUM COVER. I've narrowed the field for you to the following four "worst of the worst."

#1 "I Feel Like Traveling On" by Little David and Family
(extra points for identifying "Little David" and why he feels like traveling on)

#2 "The Reverend in Rhythm" by Father Robert "Whatawaste" White
(extra points if you can name the parish where he last served before his arrest)

#3 "Let Me Touch Him" by The Minister's Quartet
(extra points if you can correctly identify the denomination of these fine, extraordinarily handsome upright and godly Christian men.)

And, last but most certainly not the least . . . . .

#4 Jose Angel in "Madre Soy Cristiano Homosexual" ("Mother, I'm a Christian Homosexual")
(extra points if you did not ruin your computer/laptop screen by spewing)

Okay, now just scroll down to view all four album covers and send in your vote. Balloting closes on the 12th Day of Christmas (That's "The Feast of the Epiphany" . . .January 6th for you serious Protestant free-church types.)

Remember what they say in Chicago: "Vote early and often"


Ann said...

I see that the quartet could use some serious help from the Fab 5 on QEFTSG. Rev Bob reminds me of the Church the Subgenius
Hard to choose -- more later.

Barbi Click said...

oh, I have to vote for Little David -- major flashback to the days of my childhood in the Southern Baptist Church

Bateau Master said...

Little David developed a horrible allergic reaction to polyester and was forced out of his church in Sopchoppy Florida.

Deborah Sproule said...

My vote is for #3. On so many levels, these boys are truly equally offensive to both concervative and progressive christians. And since we all know God to be of Divine taste....the answer is "NO".

Pisco Sours said...

How did Country Church not make this list?

Eileen said...

I'm sorry, but I can't decide.

Fr. Whattawaste cracks me up - What does he think he is - Fr. O'Malley (aka Bing Crosby)? I'll vote for him!