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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayer Request for Chrissy Iker and her family

A prayer request from Jack Leo Iker, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth:

Chrissy, our oldest daughter (37), suffered a very serious heart attack on Friday afternoon, caused by cocaine and heroin. Though it appears that she will survive, at least at this point, the long term prognosis is not good. She has severely damaged her heart again, having already had a very similar heart attack in '97. She has only 25% of her heart functioning.

Your prayers are most appreciated.


Note: The courage and humility it took to send out this note is both humbling and inspiring. Of your kindness and mercy, please lift up Chrissy before God in your prayers. Pray that God will provide healing for her body - especially her poor, injured heart - her mind and her spirit. Pray that her family may receive the consolation and hope of their faith. Pray all these things in the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ, our great high priest who knows our suffering, and inspired by the Spirit who hears the sighs and groans of our hearts and souls that are too deep for words.


Ellie Finlay said...

How very, very sad. Prayers indeed.

Suzer said...

Prayers ascending for Chrissy Iker, and her friends and family. May she find the strength to overcome her addiction and find a way to heal.

This hits home, as I have a very dear friend who has nearly drunk himself to death -- he's only got 10-15% heart function, and no hope of a transplant because he was the cause of his own demise. It is an awful situation in every way.

My heart aches for the Ikers, and I hope Chrissy will be able to feel enough of God's tender Love and Mercy in her life to fight whatever troubles befall her.

Padre Wayne said...

Prayers ascending!

Padre Wayne

June Butler said...

Prayers for healing for Chrissy and for comfort and peace for her family and friends.

Anonymous said...

May God grant healing to Chrissy, wisdom to her caregivers, and strength to her loved ones.

And may God grant to everyone peace.

Jim said...

Prayers ascending. Holy Raphael, who is like God, Holy Luke patron of healers, please join our prayers for her.



Prayers, indeed!

Nina said...

And also from here.

susankay said...

his amazing humility in asking and,one hopes. ours in responding. Sometimes we ARE one in Christ. So many prayers for Chrissy and her family. My late husbands son began with drugs when he was 9. He now has 2 years of being sober and straight -- at the age of 38. There ARE miracles.

episcopalifem said...

Prayer for Chrissy Iker and her family - of course.