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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Scenes from a Diocesan Convention Banquet

Ross Wisnewski, a dear friend who also happens to be the Diocesan Stewardship Chair, took these pictures at the Diocesan Convention Banquet a few weeks ago.

Most of these affairs are deadly, boring necessities.

If you want theological types like priests and their spouses to act out, put us in a situation where we have to behave while those in authority are about to drone on for an hour about admittedly important topics like justice, poverty, vision, hopes and dreams.

It was my good fortune to sit with two great clergy friends - Orion Davis and Ken Near - at the dinner table.

It all started because Orion liked my jacket. I told him that I liked his. So, we swapped.

Jackets, that is.

That's Ken in the middle, trying to negotiate a deal where he could wear my jacket, too, some time.

What you can't see is that everyone else at our table is stunned by Orion's 'behavior".

They think of him as a conservative, sedate, nearing retirement country cleric. Clearly, they don't know the man I know - and love dearly.
And, this is the beginning of the Annual Diocesan Spoon Contest.

I hold the all time, undefeated record, balancing six . . . count 'em SIX . . . spoons on my face.

One each on each of my ears, my nose, cheek bones, and chin.

Hey, girls just wanna have fun - especially with two of her favorite clergy brothers!

(Somehow, I have a feeling we won't be sitting together next Convention Banquet.)



I know I have one of you with at LEAST that many ... from the sushi place we went to with Ms. Conroy (and was it Mia?) one of my jaunts east ... perhaps I should dig it out.

Hmmm ... and once I start digging, I wonder what ELSE I'll find in the old picture???

Perhaps Mad Priest and I should talk ... with my photos and his photo-shopiing ... well, it could be history making! :)

fr craig said...

I didn't know that other diocese had the spoon contest going on!! 'course, what else do you do there...
(love the coat)

the cajun said...

"I hold the all time, undefeated record, balancing six . . . count 'em SIX . . . spoons on my face."

Now that line needs space on the resume.

And I love the look on Ms. C's face. Priceless.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ms. Conroy was the one who started it. But, of course, you knew that.

And, Susan, I think you actually sent that picture to me. It's on my old laptop. The one that blew the 'motherboard' just before I started doing my doctoral work. If you find it, send it along again would you? Thanks sweetie.

Rowan The Dog said...

OK, I'll admit it, ever since I saw this post I've been trying to get a spoon to balance somewhere on my own face. I can only accomplish this if I bend the spoon in a way that I am pretty sure constitutes cheating or if I lay down flat on my back which I also think is kind of cheating though it is still kind of hard even that way. So, please do tell the secret of this amazing feat? Seriously. It's driving me nuts.