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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can This Relationship Be Saved?

The Church of England General Synod is poised to vote on the so-called Anglican Covenant. Word on the street is that the vote to "receive" The Covenant will be taken some time on Wednesday. Once it is "received" then the discussion will begin and the vote to accept or decline will follow.

Supporters dismiss the opponents as not having read the document.

Trouble is, we HAVE read it.

This little piece is not only proof positive of that fact, it's thoroughly brilliant.

To find out more about The Anglican Covenant, check out the "No Anglican Covenant" Website for lots of resources and information.

If you are on Facebook, search for "No Anglican Covenant".

Want to be part of the conversation? Check out the "Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Blog".

Stay tuned. I'll try to keep you updated as the proceedings unfold. Meanwhile, enjoy this little piece. It's a lovely antidote to the heavy-handed arrogance we've been hearing in the press.

My favorite reason to vote against the Covenant is this:
"Let me put it simply: We can’t even agree on what the Covenant means; so why should we imagine the Covenant will help us come to agreement on anything else?"
-- Tobias Haller
Somebody give this man an "Amen"!


Lionel Deimel said...

Great little video!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I was hoping to the link for the vid for posting!

SCG said...

Kirkepiscatoid: here's a link to YouTube