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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Best Family Christmas Play EVAH!

Okay, okay. So, I'm breaking a few of my own rules here.

First, I don't post more than once a day.

And, I try to post something 'original' - something I've written or some thoughts I have on things that are going on in the world.

This is neither of those things.

Furthermore, it's about Christmas. And, it's no longer Christmas. Except MY tree and decorations are still up until this week end - after our family gathers to celebrate "Little Christmas" (I've got the ingredients to make a huge vat of Seafood Paella waiting to be put together for tomorrow's feast that are calling - wailing, screaming - to me in my kitchen.)

Some churches - somewhere in Western Christendom - will follow "the wise" and break with conventional wisdom and - gasp! - church tradition and hold their Epiphany Pageants this Sunday.

Good for them, I say. I've always had a hard time with having children "perform" during the Christmas holidays. It's not like they (and their families) don't already have enough pressure during the last frenetic days of Advent. (You know. The Quiet, Contemplative Season.)

So, I'm breaking a few of my own rules and stretching the 'reason for the season' over the Season of The Epiphany and presenting you with Most This Amazing piece on the Christmas Story.

It's at a site called "Hyperbole and a Half" and it's called "The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas."

Click on the link for one of the most hilarious retrospectives of a child's memory of the Christmas Story.

It's The Best Family Christmas Play EVAH.

Warning: Do no have food or liquid in your mouth when you read this. Damage may result to your computer/laptop screen.

G'won. Go read it. It will spread a little more of that Christmas cheer which we apparently need so desperately after yesterday's debacle of reading (the altered version of) the Constitution yesterday on the floor of the House.

Would you like a shot of constitutional testosterone while we flex a little manly, conservative muscle?

Perhaps a tea bag for the hot water we're now in?

Orthodoxy in government, anyone?

Remind you of anything? Like, maybe, the Anglican Covenant?

Never mind. This is not a post about that. At least, it didn't start that way.

Go read "The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas".

And, maybe send the link to your Representatives and Senators. And, perhaps, your rector or bishop.

Laughter is the best medicine.

We seem to be in short supply these days.


Brother David said...

MP says that trees can liturgically stay up until 2 FEB, Candlemas.

Hutch said...

This has me hoping I am in charge of the CChristmas pageant next year. It will totally beat the crap out of this years.