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Monday, December 10, 2007

Archbishop of York Protests Mugabee

This is just the sort of bold, clear leadership the Anglican Church needs at this moment - not only in Darfur with Zimbabwe and with Mugabe but everywhere and with every corrupt leader.

His act and promise of protest is shocking and elegant and, I believe, will prove, ultimately, to be effective.

I am proud, today, to be an Anglican in communion with The Archbishop of York.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Thanks for that, Elizabeth. It was absolutely bracing.

Isn't it great about the donations for the City of God?

Muthah+ said...

I am glad that the AbY said something. But I am still having difficulty recognizing pride as the feeling I have for the Anglican Communion. If an Anglican bishop can speak so forcefully about what is going on in Africa, why cannot our bishops speak with candor and forthrightness when it comes to queer folk, or war, or for that matter--the Gospel?

Glad to hear that your +Mark has a voice. But we have too few in the HOB who speak for justice.

Caminante said...

If only the AB of York could have the same passion for defending LGBT rights. I still remember his haranguing us at GC 2006 at the big special committee hearing, going over the two-minute allotted time with Dan Martin looking at his pinging clock and being waved at by Dorsey Henderson to 'never mind.' Lee

Desert Kat said...

A very interesting and impassioned peice.

Thank you for sharing as it creates much food for thought.