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Thursday, December 06, 2007

UPDATE: Cidade de Deus

The Mad One is reporting that, after only six days, we are hovering around $3,000 in donations so far in our fund drive for the children of The City of God.

Well done! Well done, indeed!

I have a personal goal of $5,000 and you know how I get when I make goals and plans (Hint: Think "She who must be obeyed.")

Here is a letter from Luiz Coelho, the seminarian who inspired The Mad One and everyone in the OCICBW neighborhood to contribute to this wonderful effort. I hope it inspires you.

Dear friends,

As you might know, I did a placement at Christ the King Anglican Church for almost a year, in Cidade de Deus - Rio de Janeiro. Cidade de Deus (City of God) is one of Brazil's most disadvantaged communities. Built in the sixties to provide a new start for Rio de Janeiro's urban poor, it has become a notorious shanty town, far from being a new hope for the oppressed.

- Only 3% of local people have completed secondary education;
- 22% of residents are unemployed;
- Life expectancy is just 66 (the Brazilian average is above 70);
- 14% of teenage girls are pregnant;
- Average income is just US$ 100.00 per month.

We have started some months ago, a ministry with children of that community, providing them Christian Education, activities, and meals. The parish was experiencing a rebirth (it almost closed), and already had some social projects... so, I sent an appeal to several people, for help.

A couple months ago, two individuals, plus our friends of All Saints' Episcopal Church in Atlanta, have sent about 850.00 US Dollars, which are already being used for buying toys, food for meals we prepare for the children and parishioners and some vestments for our new children choir.

COMMENT (FROM MADPRIEST): We are in the process of arranging for a partial donation to be sent to Christ The King to help with their Christmas expenses. You will be kept informed concerning this. And don't worry, That Kaeton Woman has been told in no uncertain terms that we are definitely not paying for her to take in person. Christmas on the beach may sound tempting, Lisbeth, but you have work to do in your own parish.

COMMENT (FROM MOI): I just want you all to know that Maddy promised me that if I acted as fiduciary agent in this, I could, in fact, bring the money to Rio in January. He even helped me pick out my neon-green string micro bikini to wear on the beach, along with this darling lace cover up. He said it would go well with my eyes and my tan. I sent him pictures. I have his drool on them as evidence. In fact, I'll give them to the first person to donate $5,000. Just don't tell Mrs. MadPriest.

Oh, and go over there
and make your contribution. Already made one? Not to worry. Empty your purse or your wallet of that chump change you've collected at the end of the week and make another one. Here's the motto of every Evil Lesbian Priestess I've ever known and loved: "Give early and often". (Oooohhh. the Bully Trolls are gonna LOVE that one. Hmm, think I'll put on my asbestos pumps and make a little visit over their to see how their fund raiser is dong! You know. The one their doing for themselves - the 'uber' Christians. Right.)

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