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Thursday, December 13, 2007

WE DID IT!!!!!

MadPriest is reporting today's 14 Day total for the City of God Christmas Appeal at . . .(drum roll, please) . . . . . . . .



We have outdone my own personal goal. Risking criticism from The Mad One for being too "girly", I'll say that I'm simply reduced to tears!

I have this fantasy that, with two weeks left before Christmas, we just might be able to double this. I'm thinking maybe just maybe, we can reach $10,000!!!

My friend and fellow deputy,
Ann Fontaine, one of the ushers over at House of Bishops/Deputies Listserv, posted a notice about this project today and suggested that, if everyone on that list gave up their lattes for a week and contributed the amount they would spend on that small luxury, we could double our present effort by Christmas.

She may be right.

Okay - if you do, I will. No, actually, let me go first. I'm willing to sacrifice my several times a week caffeine treat and will contribute that money to this effort. Will you join me? It's the $1, $5 and $10 amounts that really mark that kind of sacrificial giving with the Spirit of Christmas.

And, if you haven't made a contribution, I hope you are inspired by the generosity of those who have before you. You can make that donation
here, or send your check in any amount, made out to St. Paul's Church and ear marked "City of God" to

City of God Appeal
The Episcopal Church of St. Paul
200 Main Street
Chatham, NJ 07928



Ann said...


Lisa said...

You and MadPriest have truly begun a good work, Elizabeth. This is marvelous!

Paul said...

This is really exciting. I love posting daily updates with links on my site. Blessings on you and Maddy!

This gives my "elf" a reason to dance!