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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Louie's List

Of all the ways Louie Crew (AKA, Li Min Hua, Quean Lutibelle, Dr. Ddungo, et al) serves this church of ours, and they are too numerous to mention, he is, without a doubt, the Unofficial Chief Statistician.

If you visit his web page, you can find all sort and manner of facts and figures about The Episcopal Church and World Wide Anglican Communion, from how many deputies their are at General Convention, broken down by gender, race, ethnicity and how each deputation and their bishop voted on a particular resolution concerning LGBT issues.

You can also find who has been nominated for bishop and where, which diocese or province does or does not ordain women, along with his "natter" on issues that concern the church.

Oh, and then there's "Joy Anyway" where he keeps other people's sermons, "Do Justice" a series of reflective essays, and "Angels Unaware: Strangers Who Changed Your Life".

There's also a page with his poetry and some resources for publishing your own poems.

Did you also know that it was Louie who started the House of Bishops/Deputies Listserv? You can always join as a "kibbitzer" here. He also maintains a private list for all the bishops and primates in the World Wide Anglican Communion.

He is, in a word, Amazing!

Here's his compilation of the statistics on the historic vote of the House of Bishops to depose Robert Duncan as bishop diocesan of Pittsburgh.

If you are of a mind to do so, I think it would be wonderful to send a note to your bishop or any others who voted in the manner you think correct. Or perhaps, one with whom you disagreed or who abstained.

Keep your note short and as positive as you can, even when you express your disappointment or distress. Remember: they are Chief Pastor, not Chief Target. They are human, too.

Here's Louie's List, which I don't think he has yet posted to his web page.

Never fear. He will.

88 bishops voted to depose Robert Duncan.
35 bishops voted not to depose him.
4 bishops abstained.

All of those above are listed in three groups at the end of this message.

Of the 123 who voted yes or no to depose Robert Duncan: 8.9% are retired.

90.9% of the voting retired bishops voted to depose;
69.6% of the voting active bishops voted to depose.

The average age of bishops who voted to depose: 61.0
The average age of bishops who voted not to depose: 58.9

Of the 123 who voted yes or no to depose Robert Duncan: 8.9% are female

90.9% of the females voting voted to depose.
69% of the males voting voted to depose.

Of the 123 voting, 56,9% were not eligible to vote whether to consent to +NH in 2003 -- some were not yet bishops; others were bishops but without jurisdiction.

Of those who 53 who were eligible in 2003 and voting whether to depose Robert Duncan:

88.9% of those who voted to depose, consented to +NH
76.5% of those who voted not to depose, did not consent to +NH

4 who consented to +NH voted not to depose +Pittsburgh:

+Peter Lee, Virginia
+Alan Scarfe, Iowa
+James Shand, Easton
+Geralyn Wolf, Rhode Island

4 who did not consent to +NH voted to depose +Pittsburgh:

+Philip Duncan, Central Gulf Coast
+Francisco Duque-Gomez, Colombia
+Henry I. Louttit, Georgia
+Keith Whitmore, North Carolina (Assistant)

Current 102 of the 111 dioceses have ordinaries; the other 9 are vacant.
Of the 102 ordinaries:

52.9% voted to depose Robert Duncan
27.5% voted not to depose Robert Duncan
2.0% abstained
17.6% were not present to vote:

The ordinaries (bishops with jurisdiction) not present:

Central Ecuador
Fort Worth
Litoral Ecuador
Long Island
South Dakota
West Tennessee
Western Michigan

Benediction is much better than malediction. As at Mizpah with disputants Laban and Jacob:

God watch between you and me, while we are absent one from the other.

Louie, L1 Newark

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, E. Orange, NJ 07018 973-395-1068 Queer Eye for the Lectionary

The 88 who voted to depose:

"Gladstone B. 'Skip' Adams, Bishop of Central New York
"Laura Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut
"Neil Alexander, Bishop of Atlanta
"David Andres Alvarez-Velazquez , Bishop of Puerto Rico
"Robert Anderson, Assisting Bishop of Los Angeles and Retired Bishop of Minnesota
"Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California
"Harry Bainbridge, Retired Bishop of Idaho
"Allen Bartlett, Retired Bishop of Pennsylvania
"Nathan Dwight Baxter, Bishop of Central Pennsylvania
"Mark Beckwith, Bishop of Newark
"Barry Beisner, Bishop of Northern California
"Larry R. Benfield, Bishop of Arkansas
"Thomas Breidenthal, Bishop of Southern Ohio
"Jon Bruno, Bishop of Los Angeles
"John Buchanan, Retired Bishop of West Missouri and Interim Bishop of Southern Virginia
"Joe Burnett, Bishop of Nebraska
"Bruce Caldwell, Bishop of Wyoming
"Sergio Carranza-Gomez, Resigned Bishop of Mexico and Assistant Bishop of Los Angeles
"John Chane, Bishop of Washington
"Richard Chang, Retired Bishop of Hawaii
"Otis Charles, Retired Bishop of Utah
"Steven Charleston, Former Bishop of Alaska, Assistant Bishop of California
"James Curry, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut
"Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina
"Clifton Daniel, Bishop of East Carolina
"Jane Dixon, Retired Bishop Suffragan of Washington
"Philip Duncan, Bishop of Central Gulf Coast
"Francisco Duque-Gomez, Bishop of Colombia
"Dan Edwards, Bishop of Nevada
"Thomas C. Ely, Bishop of Vermont
"Christopher Epting, Bishop for Ecumenical Relations
"Robert Fitzpatrick, Bishop of Hawaii
"Leopold Frade, Bishop of Southeast Florida
"Michael Garrison, Bishop of Western New York
"Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan
"Mary Gray-Reeves, Bishop of El Camino Real
"William Gregg, Resigned Bishop of Eastern Oregon and Assistant Bishop of North Carolina
"Edwin Gulick, Bishop of Kentucky
"Gayle Elizabeth Harris, Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts
"Mark Hollingsworth, Jr., Bishop of Ohio
"Samuel Johnson Howard, Bishop of Florida
"Barry Howe, Bishop of West Missouri
"Robert Ihloff, Retired Bishop of Maryland
"Carolyn Irish, Bishop of Utah
"Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding BishopThe Convocation of American Churches in Europe
"James Jelinek, Bishop of Minnesota
"Bob Gordon Jones, Retired Bishop of Wyoming
"David Jones, Bishop Suffragan of Virginia
"Charles Keyser, Retired Bishop Suffragan of Armed Forces
"Chilton Knudsen, Bishop of Maine
"Jerry A. Lamb, Provisional Bishop of San Joaquin and Retired Bishop of Northern California
"Stephen Lane, Bishop-Coadjutor of Maine
"Jeffrey Lee, Bishop of Chicago
"Henry I. Louttit, Bishop of Georgia
"Alfred C. Marble, Assisting Bishop in the Diocese of North Carolina and Retired Bishop of Mississippi
"Paul Marshall, Bishop of Bethlehem
"James Mathes, Bishop of San Diego
"F. Clayton Matthews, Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Virginia and Director of the Office of Pastoral Development
"Robert O'Neill, Bishop of Colorado
"James Ottley, Resigned Bishop of Panama and Assisting Bishop of Southeast Florida
"S. Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan
"William Persell, Retired Bishop of Chicago
"F. Neff Powell, Bishop of Southwestern Virginia
"Kenneth Price, Bishop Suffragan of Southern Ohio
"Gregory Harold Rickel, Bishop of Olympia
"Bavi 'Nedi' Rivera, Bishop Suffragan of Olympia
"V. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire
"Sylvestre Donato Romero-Palma, Resigned Bishop of Belize and Assisting Bishop of New Jersey
"Catherine S. Roskam, Bishop Suffragan of New York
"Sean Walter Rowe, Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania
"Stacy Sauls, Bishop of Lexington
"Victor Scantlebury, Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Panama, Assisting Bishop of Chicago
"Gordon Scruton, Bishop of Western Massachusetts
"Prince Singh, Bishop of Rochester
"Mark S. Sisk, Bishop of New York
"Andrew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut
"George Wayne Smith, Bishop of Missouri
"Kirk Stevan Smith, Bishop of Arizona
"Vernon E. Strickland, Assisting Bishop of Wyoming and Retired Bishop of Western Kansas
"Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Maryland
"Chester L. Talton, Bishop Suffragan of Los Angeles
"E. Don Taylor, Resigned Bishop of Virgin Islands and Assistant Bishop of New York
"G. Porter Taylor, Bishop of Western North Carolina
"James E. Waggoner, Jr., Bishop of Spokane
"Catherine 'Cate' Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis
"Keith Whitmore, Resigned Bishop of Eau Claire and Assistant Bishop of AtlantaAtlanta
"Arthur Williams, Assisting Bishop and Retired Bishop Suffragan of Ohio
"Dean Wolfe, Bishop of Kansas


The 35 who voted not to depose:

"James M. Adams, Bishop of Western Kansas
"Lloyd Allen, Bishop of Honduras
"John C. Bauerschmidt, Bishop of Tennessee
"Peter Beckwith, Bishop of Springfield
"C. Franklin Brookhart, Jr., Bishop of Montana
"George Edward Councell, Bishop of New Jersey
"William Frey, Retired Bishop of Colorado
"Duncan Gray III, Bishop of Mississippi
"Edward Ambrose Gumbs, Bishop of Virgin Islands
"Dorsey F. Henderson, Bishop of Upper South Carolina
"John W. Howe, Bishop of Central Florida
"Charles Jenkins, Bishop of Louisiana
"Shannon Johnston, Bishop Coadjutor of Virginia
"W. Michie 'Mike' Klusmeyer, Bishop of West Virginia
"Edward J. Konieczny, Bishop of Oklahoma
"Paul Lambert, Bishop Suffragan of Dallas
"Mark J. Lawrence, Bishop of South Carolina
"Peter Lee, Bishop of Virginia
"Gary Lillibridge, Bishop of West Texas
"Edward Little, Bishop of Northern Indiana
"William Love, Bishop of Albany
"D. Bruce MacPherson, Bishop of Western Louisiana
"Steven Andrew Miller, Bishop of Milwaukee
"C. Wallis Ohl, Bishop of Northwest Texas
"George Packard, Bishop Suffragan of the Armed Services, Healthcare, and Prisons
"John Rabb, Bishop Suffragan of Maryland
"David M. Reed, Bishop Suffragan of West Texas
"Alan Scarfe, Bishop of Iowa
"James Shand, Bishop of Easton
"John McKee Sloan, Bishop Suffragan of Alabama
"Dabney Smith, Bishop of Southwest Florida
"Michael Smith, Bishop of North Dakota
"James Stanton, Bishop of Dallas
"Charles vonRosenberg, Bishop of East Tennessee
"Geralyn Wolf, Bishop of Rhode Island


4 who abstained:

"Julio C. Holguin-Khoury, Bishop of Dominican Republic

"Russell E. Jacobus, Bishop of Fond du Lac

"Mark MacDonald, Assisting Bishop of Navajoland, National Indigenous Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada, and Resigned Bishop of Navajoland

"Pierre Whalon, Bishop in Charge of The Convocation of American Churches in Europe



altar ego said...

Alas, my own bishop (under the age of 50, what is up with him?) voted not to depose. He's a stickler for the "legal," so I can see him voting on such grounds, but from everything that I've heard legal wasn't an issue. I'm stroking my vicarious beard trying to understand his vote. I will see him on Tuesday/Wednesday for a small group clergy gathering, and I'm hoping he will share his thoughts then. In many respects he's quite a good bishop, if a neophyte, but then he goes and does this sort of thing...

Thank you for sharing all the many riches that Louie provides on his web site. I haven't been there, so was unaware. I stranger I will no longer be.

And good luck with the sermon.

Muthah+ said...

Thanks for posting this. I find Louis' website hard to navigate.

Now what is going to happen with +Jack? Puleeeze do something soon!

KJ said...

Diocese of Olympia, check, check.

Allie said...

Interesting... my bishops voted differently

Alice C. Linsley said...

And Bishop Bob Duncan weet on to found the Anglican Church of North America, which is the fastest growing Anglican group in the USA Now under Archbishop Foley Beach and ACNA orders have been recognized by Canterbury.

Stacy Sauls is gone and now using the Episcopal Church.

Robinson is no longer bishop and now divorced.

All this to gain what?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Oh, mercy, Alice! This was written in 2008? You people just can't let go of anything, can you? So, let's see: Stacy Sauls is, in fact, suing the church which ought to be interesting b/c he's got to prove "conspiracy". Poor soul. Or, as they say in the south, Bless his heart.

And, Bishop Gene has retired as bishop of NH but is serving the church in powerful ways from DC and around the world. Mary Glasspoole, also a bishop, is also serving the church. The membership loss has stabilized after years of law suits that were frivolous when they weren't cruel and used to be vindictive. There are churches and dioceses which are experiencing influx of members, thanks to #45. The diocese where I'm canonically resident is active in mission and have had over 800 people throughout the dioceses involved in Listening Sessions and Bible Studies where they covenanted to "dwell in the Word".

So, net/net - I think we've cut out most of the deadwood and can now grow healthy branches. God is so good.

On the other hand, Bob Duncan is now retired and Foley Beach is still a ridiculous caricature of an archbishop. He has most certainly NOT had his orders recognized by Canterbury. He was allowed to attend a bishop's gathering AS A GUEST. That is NOT the same as having one's orders "recognized"

So, we see that, after all these years, you folks are still angry and reactive. That's never a recipe for growth but, well, good luck. I'm sure you are fulfilling some purpose of God. There's always comfort in that. I mean, even Judas served his purpose. God bless.