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Monday, May 25, 2009

It must be Memorial Day Weekend

One of the benefits of Ms. Conroy's work as a volunteer EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) is that we have a family membership to The Colony Recreation Center - a man-made sandy bottom pool, lovely sandy beach and tennis court in Chatham Township.

She's passed her national qualifying EMT boards, but as an RN with national certification as an AIDS, gerintology and hospice specialist, she is especially valuable to the team. The truth of the matter is that she gains enormous satisfaction from helping our neighbors and the friends we have not yet made.

I'm incredibly proud of her. Can you tell?

The fact that we can use the facilities is a tremendous 'benefit' - which, this year, includes the tennis courts. The fact that they extend those benefits to me and welcome me as part of her family without so much as a raised eyebrow or question, and at no additional cost, is a real blessing.

Sure beats the holiday traffic on I-95 to our beloved Llangollen.

So, off we go then. Just a few more chores to do 'round the house and then we pack up a few good books (our 'Kindle' has not yet arrived) and our own lounging beach chairs, on go the bathing suits and sun screen (it's supposed to be sunny and the temperatures are predicted to go up to the high 70s today), and we'll be off to The Colony.

I'll not be 'blogging' much today, but you'll understand, I'm sure.

The pool is open. What's a body to do?


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Glad you are both getting a day off. I'm on call, myself. I'm sure the esteemed Ms. Conroy would agree with me when I say Memorial Day is also "opening day of trauma season!" In my case, it is also "opening day of blood bank shortages." Donations are always down in summer, so I get a LOT more calls in the summer over blood bank b/c we are running out of O negs.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Yeah, well, Ms. Conroy is also on 'second call' this w/e, and we're hoping for minimal trauma cases. We also have a Blood Drive scheduled for the church in August, having just finished one in Lent.

Hey, y'all - donate blood, okay? And, be careful drinking 'pints', so you don't need a pint of someone else's blood.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I'll tell you what...summer makes me realize how much those "college student blood drives" matter during the school year. Now if they would just grow up past the point of doing it to get the t-shirt for their fraternity or sorority, we'd have a legion of year-round adult donors!

I've also wondered if the regional blood banks had drives on Saturdays if it would help. I think there are a lot of young, healthy working people who would donate if that thing called "work" didn't get in the way.

Mary said...

I used to donate as often as I was allowed. But in my young adulthood I worked in England for a year, and in Y2k I was told I couldn't donate any more. Now I'm sort of double-banned by virtue of the travel to Brazil. It's hard to know whether I've chosen the greater good.