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Friday, May 01, 2009

OMG!! First Howard Stern. Now Dr. Laura.

"It's a beautiful thing and a healthy thing."

Those were Dr. Laura's exact words. You remember Dr. Laura, right? The 'talk psychologist' who so rabidly spouted the Levitical codes against LGBT people she was even parodied on "West Wing".

THAT Dr. Laura.

I know. I could hardly believe it myself.

Listen for yourselves. (Many thanks to IT for the 'hat tip'.)

And then, listen to my favorite segment of West Wing.

I suspect a real 'cause and effect' between the two.


Fr Craig said...

the tide has turned, I'm convinced, and thanks be to God...

Jim said...

Can we still be economic conservatives? ;-)

OMG indeed! History has its tides and as CANA inter alia are about to discover, one standing against the tide gets drowned.

The times they are a'changing! Praise heaven!


IT said...

Yes, I posted at Friends about the new poll that shows Americans actually split on gay marriage. But this is all too hopeful....

The times will have truly changed when we don't have elected representatives lying about the murder of gay children.

Matthew Shepherd was killed by men who wanted to kill a gay boy. NOT because of a robbery.

He was killed simply because he was gay.

Miss CA belongs to a church that claims pedophilia is central to the gay "lifestyle".

And Focus on the Family is attacking Miley cyrus (Hannah Montana) for saying that God loves gay people.

Well funded haters are still using the argument that my marriage imposes on their religious freedom.

Whackos have shot up churches for their "liberal" views on these issues.

I fear that the violence and hatred will escalate as it becomes the miniority view.

It may be the dying of their viewpoint, but there are still a lot of people out there who hate us.

Mary Sue said...

In the words of a modern psalmist, it's the end of the world as we know it.

(and I feel fine...)

DaYouthGuy said...

It's kinda cool to watch the paradigm shift.

And one of my favorite episodes from one of my favorite TV shows.

David |Dah • veed| said...

Call me a sissy boy, but I wanted to cry for this pretty woman on the West Wing. That was scathing!

"Dr. Laura" had to resort to pack psychology to defend the fact that she still believes marriage should be reserved for the union of a man and a woman; the president believes as she does. But that she publicly recognizes that the union of two same gender folks is a beautiful thing, is much improved over her last known public statements on the subject.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

IT, I hate to agree with you, I really do, but I'm afraid you're right. Still, I'd like to bask for just a few moments between these two reversals, before we lace up our boots and continue the long, slow march to justice. Damn, I think we've earned it, you know?

gerry said...

Praise God!

I am also convinced that the tides are turning into support for Inclusion of all God's Children.

Our local paper surveyed it's readership about 13 months ago and found support for same sex marriage at approximately 41%.

A new survey last week after Gov. Patterson introduced his proposed Marriage Bills. The survey was 51% in favor.

Pat Klemme said...

As I live and breathe! Is it snowing in Hades?

Can never see that West Wing segment too often.

Oh, the times, they are a-changin'.

(Verification word: ablessen)