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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Day One: Elegant

Hotel De Londres y Inglaterra

I just wanted to put a few pictures here in my journal.

This pilgrimage is called "Walk in Beauty" and is known as "the kinder, gentler Camino".

The Spanish seem to use this word a great deal " Elegant".

That's really how it has been so far. Elegant

This was my supper last evening. We ate at a five star Michelin restaurant. It was part of the package. Dinner is part of the package. Every night. And, we are eating like this.


Here's the menu from La Muralla - a five star Michelin eatery in San Sebastian

You'll be able to see it below, but I stated with the Ensalada de langostinos (shrimp) which was served in an emulsion of avacado and amazing spices and topped with fresh greens.

I didn't take a picture of the rice but it was just a wee small bowl, top with a clam and head of asparagus.

A "taco" is a "brick" of bacalao (cod) or deshusesada (pork).

I had the Cofit of Duck - picture below.

Then came a wee small glass of red juices which tasted like strawberries and raspberries and topped with a dollop of yougurt.

The wine flowed freely during all of this. I very much enjoyed the Blanco Castilo de Aza. It was light and crips with a slight aftertaste of swee fruit.

And, if you know anything about me you don't even have to guess that I had the Bizcocho fluida de chocolate with a small scoop of passion fruit sorbet.

They did make American decaf coffee for us, which was pretty strong and very black. I had it con leche because, well, Spain.

So, here's the feast:

Ensalada de langostinos 

Confit de pato asado

Bizcocho fluida de chocolate
Yes, this is a pilgrimage.

It's called Walk in Beauty.

We are surrounded by beauty.

The meditative word for today was "Savor".

This was part of that meditation.

Buen Camino!

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