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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Farewell to a dear friend

I expect that we will be hearing soon from her family and friends in Pittsburgh, but word has just reached me that Sue Boulden, indefatigable pilgrim on the Via Media of justice and reconciliation, died shortly after midnight, on her birthday.

Sue was a feisty and opinionated lover of Jesus, her family and friends, her church and her diocese, which is why she worked and fought so hard for its life. Her life embraced the Spirit of Anglicanism, even to the extent that while her own bishop, "Donuts" she called him affectionately (as in Dunkin'), often made her furious, she still professed an authentic love and care and concern for him.

"I voted for him," she once told me, "and I don't make mistakes about things like that."

She was an active member of Calvary, Pittsburgh where Harold Lewis was her rector and pastor, as well as the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Episcopal Women's Caucus and Integrity, and no doubt many other organization which will be revealed in other people's memories of her, as well as in her obituary. It was through her efforts that I was able to twice be present as a representative of each of these organizations. I will never forget the generosity and graciousness of her hospitality.

One example: When she learned that I was a huge fan of Fred Rodgers, but could not attend the Memorial Services after his death, she arranged to have the service videotaped and sent me a copy. That was the kind of friend you had in Sue Boulden.

I am simply very, very sad at my own personal loss of her, even as I know there is great rejoicing in heaven for one of their own has returned home.

May you rest in peace and rise in glory, Sue.


Jim said...

May you rest in peace and rise in glory.


A truly prophetic voice in the church is now with God.


Mark said...

May Light Perpetual shine upon you.