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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In Praise of Servant Leadership

As I reflect on the Statement from the House of Bishops the early morning light of a new day, I must say that what our bishops did was the best example of a healthy family system dynamic that I have ever seen in the church by a collective body of servant leaders.

Self-differentiated, non-anxious clarity is what we expect from leaders. No emotional cut off. No symbiosis. No dire warnings. No empty threats. No finger pointing. No ultimatums. No coercion. No shame. No blame.

Just a simple, clear, strong statement that this is who we understand ourselves to be as a family of God, and that we are willing to stand by all of the members in our family, even if that means we must pay the price of being abandoned and having others walk away from us.

The ordained leaders of our church in the House of Bishops have shifted the anxiety that was placed on our system back where it belongs and from whence it originated.

Our Katharine has modeled excellent leadership in this regard.

It is an amazing time to be a Christian and a rare privilege to be part of the Episcopal Church which is playing a part of the reformation, reconciliation and renewal of the Anglican Communion.


Bill said...

So maybe in my own little way, by writing somewhat long passionate letters to our Bishop Mark and our Presiding Bishop Katherine, I did some good. I don’t know if they actually read them, but if they did, then they knew how I felt in this matter. And for the future, I think it would be good if they heard more from the rank and file Episcopalians. It seems all anybody hears is what is printed or broadcast from the press. And all they do is go for sensationalism and headlines. I believe it’s important for the leaders to hear directly from the little guy.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

ABSOLUTELY, Bill. Yes. Remember that children's game done with hands?: "This is the church, this is the steeple, open the door, see all the people?"

Our Katharine has been saying since Jump Street: Be the church.

That includes EVERYBODY.

Lauren Gough said...

I agree, Elizabeth with your take on the HOB's response. In all the rhetoric since GC2003 this is the calmest but firmest statement that the HOB has made. I think we are now seeing what kind of leadership ++KJS is able to provide. This bodes well for the future

JimMollo said...

I've learned in life that true leadership shows itself in the most anxious of times. I am proud of our Bishops and the stance that they have taken.

I pray that their resolve is strong.

Susan Russell said...

BRAVA! Sorry I missed this earlier ... got too amused by the cartoon to go any further! :)

Grandmère Mimi said...

The clarity, the unambiguous and straighforward words are what I have been longing for.

We'll likely see tough times ahead, but we can face them with God's help.

Catherine + said...

Once again the Holy Spirit has spoken to the hearts and minds of the Bishops, and once again Her will for the Church is set forth. And Their [the Trinity's] servant, Our Kate, is the calm in the eye of the storm, and so she has been from day one, and so she shall lead us, bishops, clergy and laity into a stronger and more vital Church, AC or or not.