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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Refreshment Sunday: Bishop Beckwith's Visitation


Frair John said...

The pictures are fabulious.
How did he celebrate the Eucharist?

BTW- I envy the Rose Vestments.

Bill said...

His interaction with the children was just great. The kids were brought up and sat at the first three steps before the altar. The Bishop spoke to them about who he was, what a bishop was and what the signs of his office meant (staff, miter, ring, etc).

He had no problem facing liturgical east for the service and his sermon was delivered from center altar without notes. He is quite an impressive speaker.

Afterward we had a brief lunch and then he spoke to those of us who remained. He opened the room to questions and had no problem responding to anything and everything. As someone put it, “He was a breath of fresh air”.

Frair John said...

The pictures of him witht he kids showes just how good he was witht hem. His body language is so ... calm in the pictures I found myself grinning at them.

I hope we end up with as refreshing a Bishop here in MD. Pray for us!

johnieb said...

OK, TELP; who is the lovely woman who got two pictures with the bishop? Not the elusive Ms. Conroy?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Nope. That's Marilyn Olson, the bishop's wife.