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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uh-oh! GAFCON Gaffe-capades

Maybe it's the "gaf" in GAFCON - that group of uber-orthodox Anglicans who are meeting in Jerusalem

Over at Episcopal Cafe, The Lead reported yesterday that super-duper-uber-orthodox Anglican Pimate, Peter Akinola of Abujar, Nigeria, had been denied entrance into Jordan. No reason was given, but you may remember that Akinola, a fierce critic of Islam, has refused to answer questions about his knowledge of, or involvement in, the retributive massacre of some 700 Muslim in the town of Yelwa in northern Nigeria in 2004.

Today, The Lead is reporting that the gaffes continue. It is being reported by The Church Times that GAFCON book, "The Way, The Truth, The Life" contains an essay that was demonstrated last August to have actually been written written by (my new neighbor) Martin Minns (just up the road in Morristown, NJ). However, Akinola's name is on the essay.

The Telegraph (UK) is also reporting that "schism has been declared." As The Lead points out, however, they seem to be the only ones doing so. Hmm . . .when is a schism really a schism?

If that's not enough, "Their Ruthie" (Gledhill) of the Times UK Online, is reporting that Gafcon clashes with next Thursday's Jerusalem Pride, the seventh Gay Pride march in the city.

Ms. Gledhill asks, "Is this an extraordinary coincidence or God's strange sense of humour?"

Perhaps it is the movement of Ruach trying to send them a coupla few messages.

I'm not taking any bets on the fact that they'll listen any closer to Her than they have to LGBT people. Then again, of course, I could be wrong.


David said...

LOL Elizabeth this is just tooo precious!
Perhaps the LGBT brothers and sisters in Jerusalem should offer the GAFCOM gang their own viewing stand? A chance to embody the listening process everyone's been 'talking about' for decades now!

Just think of the laughter in heaven right now!
I love it!


Muthah+ said...

And to think that just a few months ago they were touting themselves as the "True Anglicans" that the Church would follow.

What a hoot that +Abuja can't even go to Bethlehem!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I have always said God has a very ironic sense of humor (especially when dealing with me!) Nice to see it works on other people too.

I wish I was on food service for GAFCOM--One day I'd serve them the "phallic meal"--bratwursts, corn-on-the-cob, popsicles for dessert, another day the "rainbow" meal--everything in rainbow colors--I'll have to think about what constitutes "the vulvar meal", though.

"Just for damn meanness" (as my late grandmother used to say.)

So....Elizabeth, you ever gonna invite the Minns family over for dinner? Just bein' neigborly and all? (snicker)....

David said...

Foolishness aside (my earlier comment),what greives me in all of this, is while these self-appointed guardians of 'purity' are parading around the world, countless millions are suffering in their own countries- of AIDS and from the most pernicious poverty. To say nothong of our African brother and sisters daily living in fear of the hatred of the Divine grace and beauty they embody.
Perhaps, just perhaps the geographical proximity of the two events is meant to be an awesome sign of just how powerfuly our loving God is involved is this awesome act of on-going transformation of our Communion- this call to 'come closer?'
What an incredible time to be alive!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Amen, David. 'Tis.

Jane R said...

I'll have to think about what constitutes "the vulvar meal", though.

Oysters. And fresh figs, the riper the better.

Jim said...

Someone, finally, should hold ABp Akinola to account. Shame on the ABC, shame on the "global South" and shame on the primates that the someone is a Islamic customs official!

And we wonder why Islam does not trust us.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Ooooo, Jane R...I like it! Not to mention they might get a whiz-bang case of the um..."Russian disease" (the "trotsky's") from a meal like that.