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"If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer; if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!" -- Shel Silverstein

Saturday, February 28, 2009

As we enter the wilderness of Lent: A Spa for the Soul

Absolutely everyone is welcome to The Episcopal Church of St. Paul's, Chatham to hear the Rev'd Dr. Paul Smith, the former Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY, who is an educator, author, civil rights veteran and activist.

Dr. Smith has also created unique and successful models of multi-cultural worship and interfaith collaboration at churches in Buffalo, NY, Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO.

Following his sermons at the 8 and 10 AM services, Dr. Smith and his wife Fran, along with one of their daughters and a few of their grandchildren, will describe their thoughts and feelings as three generations of their family attended the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

To learn more about Dr. Smith, visit his web page:

The Episcopal Church of St. Paul: Come. Grow. Celebrate.

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