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Friday, February 13, 2009

Children Will Listen. Why Can't We Listen to Our Children?

Okay, so you'll allow a proud mother a little 'brag' time.

Julie is one of our daughters, whom some of you have met. She gets the first and last word in this article from Forbes Magazine, but the line that will convince you that she's our kid is this:

"I've always said to my staff that 75% of your job is pounding the pavement," Lucas says. She started her $100 million fund drive four years ago and is up to $79 million now, with three years left to go. "In tough times you have to go back to the fundamentals. It's all about relationships."

So, I've heard from my daughter and totally embarrassed her by putting the article here. So, I'll just give you the link and you can read it for yourself.

Please don't email her. She's a kind and very generous person, but she doesn't give free consultations or advice over the phone and won't come to your church to help you with your next stewardship campaign. Thanks for understanding her professional status.

Here's the whole article:


Kirkepiscatoid said...

She must have heard some stewardship week sermons you thought she wasn't listening to, in order to come up with that "tithing" stuff, ya think????

Just be careful you don't pop one of your collar buttons...(wink)

FranIAm said...

Wow! That is impressive. The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?

I just wrote about my (step) daughter too... Although at 12 she is not yet quite in the same spot as yours.

Great piece!

Sam said...

wow, I bet you are so proud of her.