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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eyes Left: One 'Woo Hoo'. One more to go.

The Diocese of Los Angeles made history yesterday when it elected the first of two new Bishop Suffragans for their diocese in electing the first woman to that position in their diocese.

The Rev'd Canon Diane Jardine Bruce was elected bishop suffragan on the third ballot from a field of absolutely stellar candidates. 

Note, please, that this comes after three bishops ago when the ordination of women was not even a possibility in that diocese. 

Susan Russell has all the inside scoop here.

The process continues with the remaining four candidates (Bruce, of course, was elected and the Rev'd John Kirkley withdrew) this morning.  The first ballot was taken last night before convention broke for their banquet.

Talk about a cliff-hanger!

The diocese has the opportunity to make history again with the possibility of the election of the Rev'd Canon Mary Glasspool, the other candidate who is privileged to be able to be open and honest about who she is and who she loves.

I'm off to a Christmas Bazaar at St. Paul's this morning, followed by a Memorial Service at 4:30 for two of our former, elderly parishioners who died 11.5 months apart.

Advent.  Christmas Bazaars.  Praying the saints into heaven.  The election of a bishop - another suffragan in LA and a diocesan in Louisiana - and the potential to make history.

It's quite a day in the fields of the Lord.

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. 


Pray for the church. 


susankay said...

Second Woo Hoo!

Jane Priest said...

Well, now, after the second election isn't it really a big whopping "WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!" ?