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Friday, December 11, 2009

People who need people

Note:  On Thanksgiving Day, Grant Gallup, a child of God, a brother in Christ, a brilliant gay man and Giant of Justice, died.   His "Homily Grits" helped so many of us see the Gospel in a new way.  His friends Debbie Cornue and Jane Erickson write and tell us how we can help an old friend.

Dear Friends of Grant,

This letter is in response to the many inquires received about how to be helpful in the wake of Grant's death on Thanksgiving Day.   Indeed, we all feel enormously grateful for the many ways that Grant touched our lives, and now there IS a tangible way we can put that gratitude into action.  Aynn Setright, who is helping Bayardo oversee the details of dealing with Grant’s estate and other paperwork, asked us, Debbie Cornue and Jane Erickson, to write a letter to you describing the situation at CASA AVE MARIA and  requesting your monetary support to deal with some immediate needs.

When Grant's will is registered and his estate settled early next year, the house and all its contents will go to Bayardo Leiva Berrios.  At the moment. Bayardo, Grant’s extraordinary caretaker, Silvia, his faithful housekeeper, and Pancho. the night watchman continue to care for the house, being present at all times to insure the safety of the house and its contents.  Aynn, Gerry Shaon, and others involved in decision making, believe that their salaries (Bayardo’s Sylvia’s and Pancho’s) should be maintained through January 2010, and we need your support to do that.

Here are the known immediate financial needs to which we hope people will respond:

Expenses in US dollars:

Credit card debt:    $3,335.00:  Most of this debt is for medical expenses including medical equipment that can't be returned, medications, and hospital and doctor visits.  Paying off this credit card debt is of highest priority to avoid the continuing buildup of interest.  In Nicaragua your debt does not die with you and the bank can foreclose on Grant’s estate (keeping it from going to Bayardo) to get their money back.

Funeral Expenses/Death Certificates: U$900.00. There was no funeral insurance through the Church Pension Fund and this expense was covered out of personal funds, which need to be reimbursed.

Household expenses including salaries, water & light:  $1,000.00 per month, December and January.

Legal costs to register the will, file with the Property Registry, lawyer’s honorarium, etc. U$1624.00.

Full amount needed:  U$7859.00

Income in US dollars:

Currently there is a small income of $160.00 per month from rental of space in the second house.  Needless to say, this income is far from covering the present financial needs.

We are asking that you consider a gift to Casa Ave Maria to help cover the expenses of the house during this time of transition.  Any amount will be gratefully accepted.  Thank you for your generosity.

How to send money:

1.  For those in Nicaragua:  Cash contributions can be given to Bayardo or Aynn.
2.  For those in the U.S:  Mail a check made out to St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  Write Casa Ave Maria Fund in the memo section.  Mail to:
    St. Mary's Episcopal Church
    Attn. The Reverend Gerald Shaon
    1307 Holmes Street
    Kansas City, MO 64106

Gerry will insure that the money is sent to Managua in a timely fashion.  All donations going through St. Mary's are tax deductible.

It was Grant’s wish that  Bayardo, Silvia and Pancho have "a soft landing" after his death. Their love of Grant and their compassionate care of him enabled Grant to stay in his beloved home and in his beloved Nicaragua until the end.  You can help insure this “soft landing”  as  Grant wished.

Memorial Service:  Friends of Grant's in Managua are arranging a Memorial Service to be held January 30, 2010. (Grant would have celebrated his 78th birthday on Jan. 28, 2010.)  Details will be sent out as the plans are finalized.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Debbie Cornue and Jane Erickson
Danos corazones agradecidos Padre y Madre nuestro por todas sus bondades y haznos concientes de las necesidades y los derechos de los demás.  Por Cristo, nuestro Señor.  Amen.  (Grace said before each meal at Casa Ave Maria)

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