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Friday, December 01, 2006

Bishop Pinocchio

Sent to me by a reader of my blog in response to my shock (Shock, I say!) at the rejection of the AAC and ACN to the proposal for alternative oversite from the Presiding Bishop and a Council of Bishops(see below)

Press Release we probably won't see.

But then I would not be shocked.


For Immediate Release

The Anglican Communion Network announced today that the Rev. E. Kaeton has been declared the only woman it can support in upcoming episcopal elections. Forward in Faith (Church of England) had previouisly stated that it could accept the Rev. Ms. Kaeton as a candidate, inspite of the organization's general rejection of any ordination of female candidates.

ACN stated in part, "While we generally hold that women cannot function as sacremental ministers, the Rev. Ms. Kaeton has established that she is more than the equal of any possible male candidate. We consider her a special case that recognizes that very occaisionaly, God does intervene in Orthodox Anglianism."

Both statements were prompted by the statement by the Reverend, in regards to their rejection of a recent innititiave by the Presiding Bishop, "I'm shocked -- shocked I say."

In its statement Forward in Faith noted, "As our North American partners have pointed out, her ability to speak with what Americans, quaintly, refer to as a 'forked tounge' might even qualify her to be bishop of San Jaquin!"

Efforts to reach the diocese of Springfield and Quncy, Illinois for comment were unsuccessful. The report that the bishop of Quincy has been so overcome by Rev. Kaeton's clear and concise falsehood that he is considering offering her the office of Dean of the Cathedral has not been confirmed.

Both statements noted that to actually enter an episcopal election with their support, Rev. Kaeton will be required to re-state her shock in a "binding vow or oath" and then state clearly why that vow is not meaningful.

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Lisa said...

Oh, my dear, this is so delicious that I am speechless and shocked -- shocked, I say!

I'll try to recover myself enough to say something more significant on the morrow. For now, I'm just bounding in delight.

qlbzlyuo [hat-tip to MP] yours --