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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Father Jake Stops the World - Again!

Father Jake Stops the World: Popoola Claims Bp. Orama Denied Hate Speech

Bravo, Terry.

The UPI has pulled the story but no word of retraction or apology as yet from Nigeria. And, it ain't over till it's over.

You did - are doing - the right thing. You even inspired some of the conservative, orthodox, fundgelical and neo-Puritans to distance themselves from the Bishop and his remarks. (Well, and now, to borrow a phrase from Billy Joel, they have 'turned their tapdance into their crusade.')

Well done, sir.

That's not easy to do in these days when we're all weary of fighting this battle that isn't 'ours' ( that would be LGBT people and our straight allies). It's so much easier to capitulate or compromise or cave in to the enormous pressure for "unity."

It's important to remember that this is NOT our fight. It's about an ugly, no-holds-barred, vulgar grab for power.

"Realignment" is what is said by those on the Right.

"Reformation" is what is being said by those on the Left.

"Chaos" is being lamented by those in the Center.

Listen to those words: The 're-formation' of the church is precisely the mission and ministry of Jesus; 'chaos' is the outward and visible sign of that inward and spiritual re-formation. But, 're-alignment' is about shifting the power base.

Ask LGBT people.

We're the intended scapegoats of Realignment and o'ft times the pathetic victims (and therefore need to be rescued) of some of the well-intended on the Far Left. We are both scapegoat and victim by some of those stuck in the "high anxiety" of The Center.

Either way, from the Right, Left or Center pews or in the Councils of the Church, it's about abuse and the incompetent misuse of power (as Spong's letter so accurately - if not uncomfortably - points out).

It's time for a new LGBT strategy. I think it's one of non-engagement with fights like this.

Rather, it is to do exactly what you have done: expose the lies and hypocrisy, the bigotry and ignorance, the incompetence and abuse, and invite the widest conversation about it.

The 'realignment' folk are now desperate and pathetic. They see the handwriting on the wall. You just have to listen to a few of the "Bullies on Viagra" to hear it.

Had it not been for your courage to step out and take the risk to shine a light in the darkness, we would never known about this . . .'situation'.

Thank you, Terry. You are one of the shinning lights of the church.

Bravo. Encore!


Mike in Texas said...

Chiming in here ...

Another bravo for Jake.

Doorman-Priest said...

Thank you for this post, and thanks again to Jake.

You are right to say that when we are tired of this war of attririon we must remind ourselves that this is nothing less than the battle for the soul of the church, so it is a battle for all to engage in, straight and gay. The issue of human sexuality has been carefully chosen by the bullies to launch their bid for a power grab and in so doing they hope that straight Christians won't bother to engage. We absolutely must because of what is at stake.

(3.40pm GMT)

Jake said...

Thanks for your words of support, Elizabeth. They are greatly appreciated.

And thank you for your words of wisdom, especially the recent "Dog Fight" essay. It was quite helpful.