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Saturday, September 22, 2007

HOB Day 3, post 2: Of Blog Buzz and Plotters of The Resurrection

Well, not only is it a slow news day, but, as I write this, there is a steady downpour of rain which completely foiled my plans for planting bulbs in the rectory garden this afternoon.

Robert Raines, ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and former director of Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, tells a wonderful story about an old woman who, as her legacy, planted thousands and thousands of jonquil bulbs on the land of her hillside home. He calls people like that 'Plotters of The Resurrection'.

I always think about that phrase whenever I plant bulbs. The hope that arises in my soul always infuses my weary fingers and aching back with strength to go on.

Raines also loved to quote Walter Wink, who reportedly once said, "History belongs to the intercessors who believe the future into being."

Tomorrow. I'll plant bulbs tomorrow.

I'm now getting ready for the First Annual Vestry and Staff Appreciation Dinner, an event of the leadership of The Episcopal Church of St. Paul in Chatham, NJ. We talk a great deal about the concept of 'gratitude' in our Stewardship Campaign. We figured, as leaders, we ought to model what that looks like - so, we're making dinner tonight and feeding everyone.

As of Friday, over 125 people had sent in their RSVP's. We'll add another 25, and keep some frozen soup at the ready, just in case. We've got about 40 kids in the day care, so between pizza and mac and cheese, they should do well.

I've made a huge pot of what I call "Purple Tulip Soup." It's a recipe for African Peanut Soup I got from Chef Oberi at the Purple Tulip Restaurant in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. This version is strictly vegetarian, made with Vegetable Stock, so that the vegetarians in the church will have a delicious alternative to the usual chicken casseroles that are the mainstay of church suppers. It can be made, however, with a chicken or seafood stock, and chicken or shrimp can be added. Yummy.

So, if you are looking for the latest episode in the ever-unfolding drama, "The Anglican World Turns," you might try tuning into one of the many blogs that actually do carry news - what there is of it - from the HOB meeting in New Orleans.

There is never a paucity of Blog Buzz in the Anglican/Episcopal cyber-neighborhood.

I always start with Walking With Integrity You'll find a great roundup of news sources there.

Fr. Jake Stops The World is the favorite of my heart. Don't miss "Recalling The Executive Council."

A stop at The Episcopal Cafe is also required in the neighborhood. Drink deep while there. The brew is strong but quality stuff. Try "The Lead" and then sample "Odd Lots and Remnants" by Howard Anderson, dean of the College of Preachers in Washington, DC and "Live from New Orleans" by June Butler (AKA Grandmere Mimi from Wounded Bird)

I'm never disappointed when I stop by Susan Russell's "An Inch At A Time" Her essay "Sophie's Choice" is classic Russell. The undisputed "Queen of the Soundbite" also knows her way around a cultural metaphor or two.

I fell in love with Jesus after my divorce. Mark Harris was the first man I fell in love with after I was ordained. I love his intelligence and creativity, his wit and his quirky sense of humor. And, he loves the church almost as lavishly and foolishly as I do. The essays at his blog "Preludium" always challenge my complacency and smugness.

The "News Flash" link over at "Anglicans Online" is always a good source of information about all things Anglican. Sort of the BBC of the Anglican Communion.

Lisa, the webmistress over at Episcopal Majority is brilliant about offering more in depth analysis and thought. The recent essay by Doug Theuner, retired bishop of New Hampshire is nothing less than brilliant. The latest essay "NFS" by the Rev'd Willaim B. Easter provides a good read in the midst of the deliberations and discussions in the HOB.

Of Course, I Could Be Wrong
and the best place for fast-breaking, hard-hitting, in-depth reporting could only come from the one and only "Mad Priest." But, I'll leave that to your own personal discretion.

A conservative blog that is way out of my way but, more often than I like to admit, worth the trip, is Titus One Nine (or T19). It's Kendall Harmon's Blog - the Canon Theologian of the Diocese of South Carolina and the Doctor of Spin for the evangelicals. If you're smart, you'll read his posts and pass right by the Comments. Trust me. Bad for the digestion.

If you want wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth served up as a side order to the main course of some of the most mean-spirited, neo-Puritan, evangelical commentary in all of Western Christendom . . .or, anywhere on earth, for that matter (with the possible exception of Ann Coulter) . . . well, I'll let you find your own way over to "The Bullies" and "The Virtue-less One."

Just make sure you wear your best Kevlar vest and asbestos tennis shoes. And, remember: Shhhhh . . .be very, very quiet. Try not to let them know you are there. It only encourages them to act out in even more outrageous ways. They have been known to bite, spit, kick and throw stones and other . . . stuff.

Well, that's it. Actually, that's not it. There's much, much more. That's more than enough for now.

There's been a brief break in the rain. It's just a light drizzle right now, but it's near 80 degrees so it feels great.

Given all the choices on a day like today, I'd much rather be a "Plotter of the Resurrection" than a listener to all the Buzz on the Blogs.

I'm quite sure we'll all be better for the bishops rolling up their sleeves and hammering a few nails into future homes for the people of New Orleans.

What was it Walter Wink said? Oh, yes:

"History belongs to the intercessors who believe the future into being."

By all means, let us pray.


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