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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Integrity Responds to the HOB Statement

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September 25, 2007


NEW ORLEANS—The members of Integrity have prayed unceasingly for their bishops as they met this week to consider a response to the primates' communiqué. The bishops were pressured by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other international guests to comply with the primate's demands. The bishops struggled mightily amongst themselves to achieve a clear consensus on how to respond. Integrity is gratified that the final response from the House of Bishop declined to succumb to the pressure to go backwards, but rather took some significant steps forward.

We are encouraged by their strong language against the incursions of uninvited bishops into this province, their commendation of the Anglican Listening Process, their unequivocal support that the Bishop of New Hampshire should receive an invitation to the Lambeth Conference, and their affirmation of safety and civil rights for LGBT persons.

Integrity President Susan Russell said, "In response to requests for 'clarity' the House of Bishops made it clear today that the Episcopal Church is moving forward in faith. I believe today’s response will be received as a sign of great hope that we are committed to working through the hard ground of our differences. I look forward to taking the support of the House of Bishops for the Listening Process with me when I and other Integrity representatives meet with Anglican colleagues in London next month to prepare for our witness at the Lambeth Conference."

"Integrity is confident that The Episcopal Church will continue to move forward," concluded Russell. "Integrity expects General Convention 2009 to be a tipping point for equality. We will be working hard in the months ahead to repeal B033 and to authorize development of a rite for blessing same-sex relationships as steps toward the goal of the full inclusion of all the baptized into the Body of Christ."


The Rev. Susan Russell, President
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Mr. John Gibson, Director of Communications
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Muthah+ said...

My, we are being overly optimistic at Integrity, aren't we? I didn't expect that anything would happen at this meeting.

Padre Wayne said...

I lean much more toward Michael Hopkins+ outrage than Susan+'s (how does one handle +'s and apostrophes?!?) (I'd rather be distracted by something like that -- something silly -- than be so sad about our bishops' conclusions) optimism.

Paraphrasing him, the expression of support of our "dignity" is so vastly overwhelmed by the fact that we are disallowed one order of ministry -- and that the public declaration of our love cannot be made with their blessing!

I will carry on tomorrow, though, continuing to love the man who has graced my life, the parish I am blessed to serve, and the people I humbly try to minister to. Thanks be to God.