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Friday, December 05, 2008

Welcome, Georgia Gail!

Isn't she a beauty?

She arrived yesterday morning by C-section at 10:47, weighing in at eight pounds five ounces and 20 inches long. She looks like her father's Italian side of the family, while her older sister, Olivia, favors her mother's German / English people.

Both girls are very much their own people, right from birth. Indeed, it was her sister Olivia who picked out her name. No one knows where it came from, but Olivia was pretty insistent that that was going to be her sister's name.

'Gail' comes from one of our remarkable and beloved parishioners who died in June (some will remember the sermon I preached for her funeral).

"GG" will probably be her nickname, which is the name of one of the beloved matriarchs of the church. Her grandchildren have always called her "GG" instead of 'grandmother.'

So, this little one is really tied into our church family in very significant ways. Her baptism will be a very emotional event.

One of the wonderful things about being a rector and pastor is that I get to go and pray with the family in hospitals before surgery and then bless the baby soon after the birth.

It is always a privilege and a joy. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be in people's lives at either end of the spectrum of life, at their most emotionally vulnerable moments.

So, join me in welcoming little "GG" into the world - into a family and a community of faith that began to love her the minute they heard of her coming, who will claim her as our own, and will love her into the whole person she is yet to become.

Some who are of a certain age, or like to channel surf late at night and watch the old movies, will remember Vincent Minelli's 1958 film "Gigi" with Leslie Caron. Maurice Chevalier sang 'Thank heavens for little girls,' and, 'Ah yes, I remember it well.'

Louis Jordan sang the title song. I wish I had MadPriest's powers to have music on my site, but I haven't figured it out. Yet.

Here's a song for newborn 'GG'- our newest miracle.

Gigi . . . am I a fool without a mind
Or have I merely been to blind to realize?
Oh gigi . . . why youve been growin up
Before my very eyes!

Gigi . . . youre not at all the funny
Awkward little girl I knew
Oh no, overnight theres been a breathless
Change in you!

Gigi . . . why you were tremblin on the brink
Was I out yonder somewhere blinkin at a star?
Oh gigi . . . have I been standin up to close
Or back too far?

When did your sparkle turn to fire
And your warmth become desire?
Oh, what miracle
Has made you the way you are?

Oh gigi . . . have I been standin up to close
Or back too far?

When did your sparkle turn to fire
And your warmth become desire?
Oh, what miracle
Has made you the way you are?

UPDATE from FranIAm. It's not "Gigi" but it'll do quite nicely, thank you very much. You'll have to point me to this resource, Fran. Thanks so much.

Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Gigi Soundtrack Version) - Maurice Chevalier & the M-G-M Studio Chorus

Here's Louis Jordan singing Gigi


Fran said...

I just sent you code to embed Thank Heaven for little girls on your blog.

Hope it works, check your email!

She is gorgeous, welcome to the world little one. And what a tribute to Gail.

JimMollo said...

Thanks Elizabeth. We were thrilled to have you there with us to help asuage our anxiety as we entered the operating room and this newest part of our lives. The holy spirit was clearly at work in the OR and you helped point her out to me so that I was on the look out.

The last 24 hours have not been without their drama. I'm sitting in bed with a DVD of Loony Toons playing and Olivia snoring gently with a case of strep throat... and a fever of 102. And yes - we didn't know any of this last night while she was at the hospital with Kim and Georgia. O has meds in her now, and Gigi seems to be doing fine.

I put a video up of Gigi (our Gigi I mean) on my blog. I have quite a few more I'll share soon.

Kay & Sarah said...

Georgia Gail is absolutely beautiful!!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

She's gorgeous! And in typical "can't help noticing cuz' medicine is my bag" fashion, I'll add, "...and her head is normal shaped for a newborn!" Those "conehead babies" always attract attention from the medical staff, ya know...

Seriously, she looks happy to be here and ready and willing for grandmotherly love....

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Hey, Doc Kirke - Remember when we used to write 'FLK' on the baby's chart when we knew there was something wrong but couldn't put a finger on it? This is definitely NOT an FLK. Two Aunties is right: she's gorgeous. Absolutely.

JCF said...

Welcome to the World, GG! :-D

[Heh: on one internet community I'm a member of, "GG" is my nick!]