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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just in case you needed to know . . .

This madness about Michele Obama's arms has become a national obsession. I mean, this was an actual news report on a fairly well known DC television station.

There have been others. Many others. Doug sent me one just this evening. I suppose we'll know the obsession is out of control if Brian Williams starts to take it seriously and does a story on NBC Nightly News.

I'm hoping Rachel Maddow does something as an 'anti-toxin' right quick.

It's very curious to me and I'm trying not to read too much into it, but you know, it's very hard not to.

Anybody want to register an opinion? Voice a concern?

I have this feeling that it won't go away if we ignore it.


Sara said...

I'm sorry I'm missing all of this. I had no idea. It's good to see that we still focus on what is important in the US.

My Chinese trainer says the it's unfeminine to have defined muscles. I'm sticking with her.

David@Montreal said...

sorry Sara but if you're submitting to your trainer's ideas about the 'unfeminity' of defined muscles on a woman, you're submitting to misogeny.

and if your trainer is a fellow woman' it's doubly sad, as she has internalized and is perpetuating this same frightened prejudice.


JCF said...

To the extent we focus on what's on MO's arms, to the exclusion of what's between her ears, not so great...

...but encouraging physical fitness? Nothing wrong w/ that!

[We can't all be Michelle---much less this trainer---but "Bye-Bye Arms" (floppy, underhanging fat and skin) ARE unsightly. Some weight-bearing exercise on the triceps can work wonders! :-)]

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I think what's most important is being comfortable in your own skin. Someone else's sense of aesthetics is not as important as my own physical health and sense of well being.