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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"We're coming home!"

Well, there are so many pending acts of litigation, one almost needs a dance card, but this one at Grace and St. Stephen's Colorado is BIG. HUGE. There are tears and cheers on one side and harumph's and bluster on the other. Those who claim the high, holy, pure ground of 'orthodoxy' know that they won't / can't win. The only 'pure' thing they posses is a mean spirit. Their intention is simply to make TEC spend money, wear down membership, and inhibit evangelism, mission and ministry.

And, in the heavens, I am sure, Jesus weeps over 'New Jerusalem'.

*March 24, 2009*

*For Immediate Release*
*Statement Regarding March 24 El Paso County District Court Ruling*

The Bishop and Diocese of Colorado, and the more than 500 members of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church rejoice today that the members of the Episcopal parish will be returning to their church home as a result of a decision issued by District Court Judge Larry Schwartz. In that ruling, Judge Schwartz found that the historic property is held in trust for the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church and ordered the breakaway congregation that wrongfully took possession of the property two years ago to leave.

The Bishop of Colorado, the Rt. Rev. Robert J. O’Neill expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, saying, “This outcome honors the history of Grace and St. Stephen’s as an Episcopal parish, and of the Episcopal Church in Colorado Springs. We are extremely pleased that present and future generations of Episcopalians in the Colorado Springs community will continue to worship on Tejon Street.”

"We're coming home!” said Lynn L. Olney, senior warden of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, "and we invite all our friends to come home with us. During the past two years of exile, our parish congregation has shown the meaning of a faith community. Now, we're coming home!”

“We are very pleased that the judge was persuaded by the significant legal precedent that, while individual members and even clergy may leave a church, they may not take church property with them,” said Larry Hitt. “Today’s ruling is consistent with the outcome of similar cases throughout the country, almost all of which have held that breakaway groups do not have the right to take away church property,” Hitt added.

Martin Nussbaum, lead attorney for the Episcopal Diocese and Parish said, "We are very pleased. The District Court's decision affirms the First Amendment freedom of churches to define their own governance and property relationships. It is difficult to imagine a much more important constitutional freedom for people of faith in this country.”

"These past two years have been a time of challenge for the people of Grace Episcopal, and we have grown in faith, in love and in service to the community. We are thankful that the court has returned our property to us, and we are eager to resume our worship and ministry at our historic facility,” said The Rev. Martin Pearsall, priest at Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. “There are no winners here, just lots of wounded faithful people. It will be our task and responsibility in the months ahead to strive for healing and to reach out into the community.”

The 500 members of the Episcopal congregation have been worshipping at nearby First Christian Church for nearly two years, while the case has worked its way through the court. “We cannot express enough gratitude to our brothers and sisters at Faith Christian for their continued hospitality and genuine fellowship,” Olney said.

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado comprises 115 congregations and diocesan institutions all over the state, and is part of The Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church continues to be one of the largest congregations in the diocese.

*Contact: Beckett Stokes, The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado*


Lynn L. Olney, Esq., Senior Warden,
Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church*



Fr Craig said...

While I knew this was coming (former lawyer, went to law school in Colo.) it is still a HUGE relief. And, you heard it here, Virginia ruling will be overturned. You're right, though - the failed 'new and authorized province' BS is slowly but surely failing - no church based on hate and meanness can survive. When do you think they'll 'get it?'

Jim said...

Fr. Craig, they wont ever get it. One need only look at the bitter angry folks in the 'continuum' who are still trying to convince themselves they are right about the barefoot, pregnant and most especially subservient role God designed for women. They will always see some evil force not simple logic or (gasp) God in the liberation of God's people.