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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Buddy, can you spare . . . oh, say, $70,000?

Word is that PB&F has gone through its first box of red pencils in trying to balance the budget for The Episcopal Church in the next Triennium.

I think I’ve found $70,000 for them.

At its March meeting, when the Theology Committee of the HOB decided to authorize a ‘study’ (the 10th one in the past 35 years) on homosexuality and to keep the membership a secret, they also approved a budget for themselves of $70,000 to complete this task.

Mind you, neither General Convention nor Executive Council authorized this study (Did I mention that it was the 10th such study in the past 35 years?).

Given a looming $9 Million deficit, $70,000 may not be a significant amount, but it may just allow another committee, one that operates with transparency and relevancy, to actually have a positive impact on the life of this church.

I'm just sayin'.


Muthah+ said...

Amen to that. Red pencil that item quick.

Joie said...

Ditto! I love getting your updates since I don't have time to spare for live streaming or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

It is outrageous that they would part with even one thin dime on another "study" of this issue. I say scrap the study and use the $70,000 for meaningful mission.

Thanks for the updates, Elizabeth. Continued prayers are with you.

Jim said...

Am I the only one who wants to know where the money came from in the first place? If the HoB has a secret funding source, I for one think that should be stopped.


holyfoolishness said...

"they also approved a budget for themselves of $70,000 to complete this task" so, where did the approved $ come from? Hey, drop by the Integrity Nerve Center - We'd love to see you!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I suspect they expect to be funded in this budget cycle. That's why it's important to lobby the PB&F to cut that line item.

Hey, holyfoolishness, like any of us have any time to "just drop by" anywhere! I'll try to make time after the HOD 5 PM open meeting and the 8 PM Hearing on B033. There just better be a glass of Maker's Mark on the rocks with my name on it ;~)