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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Caucus Legislative Team

Note: Part of the work (the 'labor of love') of General Convention is following and 'tracking' the often byzantine path of legislation from it's source (A, B, C or D), to committees to hearings to the floor of convention.

Click on this link for an explanation of how the legislative process works. (If that link doesn't work, google "PDF general convention legislation process" for a great graphic)

Like legislation at the local, state or federal level, not all legislation survives the process and, if it does, may not prosper the original intent of those who proposed it.

The Episcopal Women's Caucus legislative team members meet every morning at 6:30 AM to discuss legislation, share our observations and conversations with others, and track its process through the legislative process.

Here is the first list of the legislation we'll be following. You can find the full, current text of the resolutions here. (If that link doesn't work, it's probably because so many people are using it. Just google "General Convention 2009 View Legislation" and, for some reason, that sometimes works better than the actual link.)

Your input: opinions, observations, questions, curiosities and other 'wonderments' are actively sought as important to our process and decision making.

Opine away!

+ = Support / endorse
- = Do Not Support
* = Tracking

EFFECTIVE: Wednesday, July 8, 2009 (please check for updates)

“A” Resolutions

- A095/6/7&8 Holy Men and Holy Women (Send back to committee)

+ A016/7 Reduction of Seminary Debt (Adversely affects women in particular)

+ A010 Bridging the Education Gap

* A117 Dismantle Committee on the Status of Women (The Caucus supports implementation of creation of Standing Commission in lieu of CSW)

+ A145 Racism in Discernment, Seminary and Ordination

+ A149 Support for Indigenous Theological Training Institute

+ A165 Women and Money (investment vehicle to support women)

+ A166 Parental leave

+ A167 Trafficking

+ A168 Annual Data Gathering about Gender Parity in Diocesan Leadership

+ A169 Data Gathering about Episcopal Elections

+ A170 Observation of the First Ordination of Women to the Priesthood

“B” Resolutions

+ B012 Pastoral Generosity in Addressing Civil Marriage

+ B019 Recognition of Anglican Women’s Empowerment

+ B020 Adding Thurgood Marshall to the Calendar

“C” Resolutions

+ C001 Adding Gender Identity to Canons

+ C002 Commend the Rev’d Dr. Pauli Murray to LFF

+ C004 Full participation of LGBTi Community

+ C007 Consent to Episcopal Elections

+ C009 Develop rites for same gender unions

+ C010 Consecration of Bishops Repeal GC2006 B033

+ C013 Support for those studying for ordained ministry

+ C014 Theological Study of Christian Marriage

+ C015 Consent to Episcopal Elections

+ C021: Addition of Junia and Andronicus to Calendar of Saints

+ C022 Restorative Justice Sunday

+ C023 Defense of Marriage

+ C024 Consent to Episcopal Elections

+ C025 Amend Canon III.9.5(c.1): Recording Marriages and Civil Unions

+ C028 Developing Additional Gender-Neutral Language for Marriage

+ C031 Rites of Holy Union for Same Gender Couples

+ C032 Financial Support for Seminarians

+ C033 Affirming the Canonical Process

+ C035 Economic Justice for – and with – lower income people

+ C036 Repeal of GC2006 B033

+ C039 Reaffirmation of Conformity to Canon III.1.2

+ C054 Regarding GC 2006 B033

+ C055 Same Gender Committed Relationships

+ C056 Liturgies for Blessings

+ C057 Commend the Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray to LFF

+ C062 Addition of Feast Day for Saint Andronicus and Saint Junia

- C063 Development of Consent Information System (The Caucus shares a concern for misuse of information)

+ C074 Create a Standing Commission on the Status of Women

“D” Resolutions

+ D008 Add Thecla to calendar

+ D010 An International Church

- D011 Principles for decision at end of life (The Caucus is consistently pro-choice)

+ D012 Support of Transgender Civil Rights

+ D019 Recommit to MDG's as a Mission Priority

+ D021 Baptized Entitled to All Sacraments

+ D022 Consecration of Qualified Candidates

+ D042 Support Passage of Equal Rights Amendment

* D043 Designation of Inquiring and Discerning Parishes for the Blessing of Same Sex Unions (Concern for how this might work out pragmatically)

+ D045 Committee Member Transparency

+ D046 Baptismal Ecclesiology

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