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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Ms. Conroy went to the doc this morning. The rupture of her tendon is not as bad as they thought and can be "easily repaired'(easy for him to say).

They also discovered that, while the ulterior meniscus that was repaired 10 years ago is still holding (albeit tenaciously), the anterior meniscus is now shot - probably because of the ruptured tendon and what was making it look like the rupture was worse than it really was.

He also said that, with this surgery, we can stall off a total knee replacement for another three years.

Bottom line: She will have surgery and be out the next day with a 10 day recovery period.

Oh, and the doctor said, "I'm afraid to tell you that I'll be on vacation, so I can't do the surgery until the 27th of July."

Whew! She still needs help around the house, but I've got folks at the church lined up and waiting to be scheduled. There will be more as soon as word gets out.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. I have no doubt that we are in this much happier place because of them - and, if we weren't we would have been able to deal with it much better.

Thank you!


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Love to Mrs Conroy!

Jim said...

Good to hear she is getting on
I had a total knee done about 10 years ago. The memory of the therapy after the surgery is not among my most pleasant ones. But(!) after 5 weeks, I could and did move on, and go hiking and ride both my bicycle and my Honda. At this point, I need the other knee done and the prosthetic is actually my good knee. The total is not all that bad really so when the time comes it is gonna be a good thing.

Prayers will continue!


IT said...


Due to a last-minute change in the schedule for GC, the meetup time for the followers of Fr jake have changed. The revised plan (still on July 10th):
I. Meetup begins at the No-host bar/reception, promenade, outside the Pacific Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, 6.00. (If you get there early, check the Atrium bar in the hotel lobby)

II. Join at the Integrity Eucharist, Pacific Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, 7.30.

III. After the Eucharist: Bar Louie in the Anaheim Garden Walk, 321 Katella Ave.

More info at Friends go to Anaheim

The "word" is lateomo

but I'm a chronically early omo....

David@Montreal said...

thank-you Elizabeth for the update
love and prayer/ prayers and love continuing here for both of you


the cajun said...

Give Ms. C a hug for me and know that you are both in my prayers - which are more plentiful these days.

susankay said...

IT is TOO cute. Prayers still for healing and patience for both of you. I have found that illness is one thing -- healing is another entirely.

Be well

(word is anonphog)

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Will deliver the hugs, Cajun. She'll be happy to get them.

it's margaret said...

I hope her pain will not be too much until then!

Huzzah! --I will see you here!

June Butler said...

Elizabeth, I send my love and my prayers to Ms Conroy and to you.

See you in Anaheim!