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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A less than subtle fashion hint for Ms. Conroy

It's really all my fault. I bought my first pair of Crocs in Hawai'i five years ago. I thought they were pretty cool. I also brought a pair home for Ms. Conroy.

I thought they would make great beach shoes. You know. Instead of flip flops.

Now, she wears them all the time. In all colors. Everywhere.

I wouldn't say they look 'stupid'.

Just tacky.


Help me out here . . .Anybody else think this Croc fad is, well, a crock?


FranIAm said...

Well, I do not want to be unkind, but I never took the Croc bait.

And trust me - many shoe-buying errors, especially those made in the name of comfort have been made by me.

Just not this one!

On a related note, my 11 yo (she will be 12 in June) stepdaughter has had crocs two summers in a row.

When I asked if she wanted them again, I was the recipient of a withering look to end all withering looks. That was followed by a discussion about how I am usually a "cool step-mom" but that I was way off-base by even bringing this up.

Tandaina- said...

Since I have never put crocs on my feet I can't speak to their comfort level but it seems rather strange to me. Wouldn't they get sticky and icky in the summer when its hot? And of course in the winter all those holes will just let the snow right in.

Frair John said...

The idea of plastic shoes just seems ... silly to me, and hot.
I love comfort, but there are some places even the anti-fasion person in me won't go.

Lindy said...

Ms. Conroy is obviously a person of sophistication and refinement.

I would happily get rid of all the other shoes in my closet... Just give me my Crocks!

David said...

Personally I want nothing to do with them- even if they were 'inventented' by a Quebecoise.

But I would be the first to defend Ms. Conoy's right to put whatever non-toxic, harmless foolsiness she wishes on her feet- unless Elizabeth+ is nibbling on her toes at the time!

Paul Powers said...

Sorry, Elizabeth, but I'm rooting for Ms. Conroy on this one. You yourself have written about the obligation of partners to torment each other. You put consecrated communion bread in the freezer. She wears crocs.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

BUSTED!!! rotflmao

Bill said...

Cruel, cruel, cruel. Shoes do not define the person. We love our Barbara.

Muthah+ said...

Busted is right! LOLrotf

Naw, I'm the preppy queergal who will stick with my birks.

Muthah+ said...

frozen jesus??? bwaahaaaaa

Muthah+ said...

frozen jesus??? bwaahaaaaa

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Not cruel. I'm just saying - it's the yellow Crocs with the yellow sweater that does me in every time.

Lord, have mercy.

I guess it IS the 'torment' thing between couples after all.

the cajun said...

O.M.G. my sister part of the fashion police? Say it ain't so.

Honey, given what some of our lovely tourists are sporting this season (you have no idea) crocs are the least infringement on our policing gaydar.

Besides, on Ms. Conroy they probably look quite smart, especially with the matching sweater.

BTW, be prepared for ugly traffic and stoopid drivers when you come down. The construction isn't finished (yeah, it was to be all over by 5/20, Ha!)

Do you smell that martini?

emmy said...

I LOVE my crocs. I first encountered them at the summer camp I work at in the ADKs a few years ago. They are fantastic and I wear them all the all different styles. And...they float!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Do you realize crocs are an offshoot from the health care world? Crocs were being worn around operating rooms and delivery rooms clear back in the 80's b/c...well, you can wash the blood off of them that gets on the floor in those places.

I never cared for them in public for the same reason it seems geeky to me to wear my scrubs as "street clothes." It screams "I work at a hospital." I work really hard in real life to make people have no clue I work in a hospital!

VTcrone said...

I got a pair of CROCs 4 yrs. ago when we still lived in NJ to use when mucking around in my Koi pond. When we moved to VT in '06, everybody seemed to be wearing them, although many wear a knock-off called RICS. A chef friend wears them all the time in the kitchen and my husband wears them as slippers. Today I was in a local store, with a CROCs display. They are navy blue with a red strap and the Red Sox logo on the strap. So Elizabeth, if you need a gift idea for Ms. Conroy let me know,since VT is part of Red Sox country.
BTW, I definately remember the time you preached your "Jesus in the freezer sermon" with Ms. Conroy sitting in the front pew glaring at you. PRICELESS!!

David said...

when are crocs not just 'crocs'?
when they're but one detail in the multifacted grace, beauty and char of Ms. Conroy-
all of which drives Elizabeth+ wild with passion
and confirms her own rather original humanity! LOL

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I have nothing against plastic shoes. They have their place and may even serve a great purpose - like in the operating rooms and at the beach.

Ms. Conroy, however, wears them in the middle of winter - with socks!!!!

She called me today to tell me that she was wearing her bright yellow Crocs at work - as were most of the members of her staff.

Note: She does not work in the OR or at the beach.

She is, however, getting back at me BIG TIME for putting Jesus in the freezer.

And now you know why we've been together for 33 years.

Caminante said...

Nope, I never bit for them either. Chacos are what I live in even though now that I am stuck with orthotics, I shouldn't be wearing them as much as I do. I used to wear Birkenstocks but with my various foot injuries they stopped feeling comfortable.

So is this as much of a divide as some of the other stuff out there like Mac vs PC, Coke vs Pepsi, Jiff vs Skippy?

Kate Morningstar said...

Crocs are ugly and suck. Period.

I wore sneakers and Birks only, for years, except when the snow got too deep. My excuse was bad ankles, and a foot that had once been run over by a beer truck.

But in the last three years, I have unaccounably started wanting "girl shoes". This is a problem -- I never learned how to wear and walk in high heels. Earth shoes by Roots -- that was the weird shoe I loved the best.