Come in! Come in!

"If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer; if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!" -- Shel Silverstein

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Our Clumber has been a very busy pup. Painting icons, he is.

In this one, he reminds us, "Pray THROUGH the icon not TO the icon."

Good call, mate.

And THIS one leaves me speechless and unable to pray - save rolling my eyes to heaven and wishing it would go away.

He's quite a pious pup, that Clumber.

How many "Saints and Sinners" can you name?


Unknown said...

Was that a request to be removed from the icon? We have a waiting list to be added... I'm looking for my next inspiration right now! I'm missing Jake and E and Fran and all the rest of the blogs I follow... it's gonna be a tad crowded, I think...

PseudoPiskie said...

I've shared evensong and a meal with several of those heavenly hosts. There are a couple I would especially like to meet. Wouldn't we all?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Absolutley not, but I am looking forward to sharing my sacred spot with others. You are brilliant, my dear.

Jim said...

On a totally related subject, I will offer my blog space for any effort to set up some pickets to let the incursion prone they are noticed in the diocese of Chicago December 3.


Anonymous said...

LOL it seems someone has wayyyyy too much time on their hands!

-frank said...

Ooo, this is very scary. I recognise most of the faces.

Frair John said...

I recognize the faces.
The idea of +++Rowan as Our Lady of the Sign is .. disturbing.

Lapinbizarre said...

Brilliant and I would have missed it. Many thanks.