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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm in love with Julianna at 'Bad Hair Day?'

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. This is not a 'think piece'. It's a beautiful Saturday morning piece of fluff. Relax.

For the past, oh, I don't know, 14 or 15 years, I've had my hair done at 'Bad Hair Day?' at Rehoboth Beach. The cost is much less than in New Jersey and you get waaaay more. For example,

When you are getting your hair shampooed:

* They put fresh, thinly sliced cucumbers on your eyes.

* They also put lotion on your hands and then wrap them in a hot towel.

* When they put conditioner in your hair, you get an amazing head massage for a full minute. (If you moan softly, they sometimes extend the time.)

At the end of your visit, you can have a free application of makeup by a professional make up artist.

It's positively lovely to be so pampered - and, as I said, the cost doesn't come near what I'd pay in NJ and I wouldn't get the pampering bit either.

The staff is unfailingly warm and professional and, it seems to me, frequently sent off for more training. The hair stylists are also highly skilled and trained. They work with your ego, not theirs, but will raise questions about your thinking in such a way that doesn't make you feel inadequate or wrong.

This is not a commercial. They really don't need anything like that from me. Even in this economy, business is great.

I mean, they don't even have a web page and both places were rocking. The picture above is of 'the original' salon over on Lake Avenue. They have also opened a new salon in the Atlantic Hotel on the Boardwalk.

I think I'm beginning my 5th year with Bobby - MY hairstylist - who has grown from a young man who left 'The Heartland' shortly after high school graduation when he came out to his parents, to become a professional, skilled stylist and colorist. He's smart and funny and very wise for his age. I think he's an 'old soul'.

I absolutely adore him.

Last time I had my hair cut, Bobby and I were talking about my return visit and how it would be right after Easter and just before my birthday. As a special treat, he recommended that I make an appointment with Julianna, the new massage therapist at 'Bad Hair Day?' who is a practitioner of 'Thai Massage'. Which, OBTW, I could get at 1/2 price as a special Spring promotional.

I was intrigued and the price was right. So, I booked it Danno, just before my regular hair appointment.

All I knew was that I would not get undressed for this massage, that no oils or lotions were used, and that it wasn't so much 'massage qua massage' but rather a series of stretching and 'passive yoga' moves, and that I would feel 'energized' at the end of the 60 minute session.

When I googled it, here's what I found: "Thai massage integrates movements for the entire skeletal body, enhancing joint range of motion, increasing blood circulation to muscles and generating a connected experience to the Thai massage practitioner and Thai massage receiver."

When you've got a few minutes, check out the video on YouTube:

It goes on for 9 minutes or so, but you'll get the idea after a few minutes.

Did you notice these words in the blurb above: " . . .generating a connected experience to the Thai massage practitioner and Thai massage receiver."

WELL! I am now officially in love with Julianna, the Thai Masseuse who worked with me.

She was amazing! Simply amazing! I had no idea my body was that flexible. Or, that her little body was that strong.

I am ready to go back to work and equally ready for the Very Big Birthday.

But first, it's off for just a wee tiny tad of retail therapy at the discount malls. There are five of them on Rte One in Rehoboth Beach. And, there's no sales tax.

I have to check out the sales at my favorite stores - just to have a look, is all - and I have to get something for Ms. Conroy's birthday.

You may remember that we were born 2 1/2 hours apart but on different days. I was born at 9:32 PM and she, being breach, was born at 12:08 AM the next day.

But wait, there's more: In the same city.

But wait, there's still more: In the same hospital.

Yes way!

For the entire 33 years we've been together and for the entire 2 1/2 hours that separates our birthdays, Ms. Conroy has always taunted me that I'm older than she.

Mind you, she never brings it up at any other time of the year and it never gets me any special privileges or advantages. Oh well. That's what spouses are supposed to do, right?

But, she didn't get a Thai Massage. Na, na, na boo boo!

Oh yeah, I'm relaxed. Have a great day!


KJ said...

When you said "fluff", I thought you were just teasing!

Glad you're having a great holiday.

motheramelia said...

How fun. The only time I ever got such treatment was in Wyoming at a small salon down the street from the church where I got a head and neck massage and the lotion on the hands every time I got my hair cut. The owner also did massages and I would avail myself of them every so often. I do miss that.

Riley said...

Oh my! The 'Thai Massage' looks Wonderful!! I'm ready to sign up. It does seem like a very intimate, 'connected' experience. Are you sure Ms. Conroy approved of this? LOL

Happy Birthday to you and your Beloved. After 33 years together, you deserve a 'Very Big Birthday' celebration. : )

Ostrich said...

I still go a little faint when I recall such a massage in Bangkok 11 years ago. Never experienced anything like it, before or since...

Brother David said...

My beloved Roberto and I were a little over 12 hours apart. He was born 18 JAN 1964, in the afternoon a little after 3 pm and I was born the next morning at 4:41 am 19 JAN. Same year, same village, same midwives, right next door. He was my neighbor, my second cousin, my brother, my playmate, my childhood confidant, my best friend and ultimately my lover and partner in life.

Almost 17 years ago he dropped dead in a hay field of an undiscovered congenital heart defect while working with my older brother, Javier.

We had eleven years together as mates, but actually 28 years together, because he was there to greet me soon after I was born and we were almost inseparable from that day on. The 4 years that I went away to University, he spent in the Mexican Army.

Sometimes the veil is thin and he shares much with me still.

IT said...

My Beloved and I sometimes feel we are two parts of the same being. Though we were born 6 months apart in different states...

The secret word is "maries" which is close to "marries"

Jim said...

Ah if I had hair.....

Sue-z and I have no such connection, she is about 14 months older than I.


Muthah+ said...

I love your fluff! After a week in family land, I am about to start looking for condos in RB. I am not sure I am up for your kind of massage, but the haircut and girly stuff is good.

The comment moderation word for today is Potie--Yep, that's right!

Unknown said...


I think you used my picture of the Bad Hair Day? spa without permission. The page on Panoramio notes that this photo is "all rights reserved." I wouldn't mind if you linked it in, but you copied it, and that's a no-no.

I'd appreciate it if you could acknowledge the source of the photo.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

My apologies. Consider it done. And, thank you.