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Friday, April 17, 2009

Padre Mickey: SCORE!!!!!

I am informed by Laura, the almost-world renowned financial coordinator at St. Paul's, that the fundraising efforts to help Padre Mickey's Sabbatical Refreshment Fund has met, and, in fact, slightly surpassed our goal.

Laura writes:

"The wire transfer to Padre Mickey was sent this morning. The final total was (after subtracting PayPal fees). . . (ready?). . . .


Well done, one and all.

Thank you for your generosity.

This is the list of contributors we have on file. If your name does not appear here, please let me know:

Eileen Schilling
Helen Betenbaugh
Harriet Culver
Joseph O'Sullivan
Kevin Johnson
Andrew Brooks
Susan Brandon
John Bassett
Steven Antrobus
Janet Margul
Mary Caulfield
The Reverend C GÃran A Koch-Swahne
James Pierce
Jonathan Hagger
Kathryn Rose
Carol Dyer
Joan Slepian
Susan Urbach
Frances Rossi
Gary Waddingham
Mark Harris
Amelia Hagen
Joan shelton
Shelley I Huston
Ida Susan Hedges
Erika Baker
Mrs Joseph Butler Jr
Dora Rudo Mbuwayesango
Paul Strid
Mark C Thomas
Kelsie Reed/Leonard Clark
Episcopal Church of St. Paul
Doug Condit, Jr
William/Deborah Carter
Judith Williams
David Allen
Mary Renfrow
Paul/Catherine Ambos
Frank James Allen
Church of the Epiphany
Ann K Fontaine
Jean Hinson Lall

I will be sending personal notes of thanks to all for whom I have snail mail addresses. Again, thanks for your generosity.


Padre Mickey said...

Thank you, thank you, domo arigato gozaimasu, y muchisimas gracias a todos, to everyone on the list for your generosity. This is a big help! We are presently in Fresno, CA and slowly working our way north to Berkeley. I will be meeting some folks at Holy Family Church in Fresno tomorrow.

Thank you so much, Revda. Elizabeth and Madpriest for organizing this fund raiser. We are extremely grateful for this.

I'll be checking in.

Padre Mickey

June Butler said...

Great news!

My name is not on the list, but I really did give at the office. Honest.

KJ said...

That is so cool!


Paul said...

Hooray! And thanks to you and MP for coordinating this.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

It was MP's idea and to whom should go all honor and glory.

Mimi - did you use PayPal? I'll check with Laura on Monday. My apologies for any mix up - which I will blame entirely on PayPal (because they deserve it, the SOBs)

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Padre - It was an honor to be the vehicle for this effort. If you are going to be in the NE Corridor, please let me know. We would love to arrange a little 'reception' for you - perhaps in the Brazilian section of the Ironbound in Newark. Doug has promised to come, so Eileen will be there as will Whitecat and so many others. Much love. One love.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ummm . . . Mimi . . . are you "Mrs. Joseph Butler". Don't answer that publicly if you don't want to. You have my email.

June Butler said...

Elizabeth, just the day before the appeal at OCICBW was posted, I sent a donation to the church in California which supports Mickey's ministry. I don't belong on your list. I shouldn't have spoken up. I DO support Mickey and Mona, and I pray they have a lovely sabbatical.

Yes, I am that person. It's no secret.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Mimi aka "Mrs. Joseph Butler,

Your 'secret' identity is safe in this neighborhood.

May your generosity return to you ten fold, pressed down and overflowing.

June Butler said...

Elizabeth love, was my name there all the time? Did I not recognize my own name? I must really be slipping.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Well, now you've blown your own 'secret identity'. You know, Mimi, the older I get the more I understand that a mind is a terrible thing to lose. That's no longer a cute little joke. It's a lamentable reality.

June Butler said...

Slipping, slipping, slipping. Woe is me.

Anonymous said...

Reverenda Elizabeth,

If you do organize something in NJ, I'd be very much interested in hearing about it. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support Padre Mickey.

Sua amiga em Cristo,


episcopalifem said...

Oh..HELLS YEAH I'll be there if the Padre makes his way over to the east coast! Wouldn't miss it!