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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Archbishop's Reflections on Lambeth Conference 2008

You may have missed it, but voices on the "Right" have been harping that the ABC was going to send out a letter to certain bishops warning them that if they were not "on board" with the Windsor Report and reading to work on an Anglican Covenant, they might as well stay home.

So, I'm wondering if THIS is Papa's 'strong rebuke'.

YouTube ain't exactly the 'wood shed' that was predicted.

Maybe it's just me, but while I'm certain that Rowan will still love us in the morning, I'm not believing the other lies White men tell.

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Bill said...

I'm confused. He emphasizes bishops working together with other bishops to become better bishops. That bishops who work in a very different context with very different ideas and challenges can help each other. So, doesn't Gene deal with very different ideas and challenges. Don't you just love when people talk and dance all around a subject and never say what's really on their minds, never let you know their true agenda.

I think that what he is trying to do is to exclude Gene and his ilk. Ignore all those pesky problems that keep cropping up, nail down his covenant and then have the private little bishops club that he wants and can control.